Win A Luxury Bungalow In Amargh 2 - Cash Winner

McKinney Competitions, a pay to enter prize draw company based in Ireland, are offering the chance to win either a 4 bedroom luxury house in Armargh plus cash and a Range Rover Evoque included or 200,000 in cash. This may look familiar! And that's because it's back on again already.

Winner: Paula Goodwin

Launched: 14th February 2024 Closed: 29th February 2024

Platform: McKinney Competitions

Location: Woodford Villas, Armargh, BT60 2GQ

House Value: £200000 (4 Bedrooms)

Extras: 20,000 Cash

Car: Range Rover Evoque

Ticket Price: £9.99 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: Unknown

Cash Alternative: 200,000


The property involved in this prize draw is in fact 6 Woodford Villas, Armagh. There was a listing for this particular home on Property Link Estate Agents but it's recently been removed. According to the website "the home is located in Woodford, just off the Newry Road, in the exclusive relativity new development Woodford Villas". From what we can gather from this site, CPS Property, valuations start from 290,000. If you're thinking "we've seen this before" then you'd be right. That's because McKinney tried offering it as a prize earlier in the month but the winner, Michael Buggy, opted to take the cash. We guess that might happen again because the winner will also have the choice to take the bungalow or the cash.

The Property

McKinney describe the property as a "detached home with a generous garden and spectacular outdoor features". It has four bedrooms with two on the ground floor and two on the upper floor. The upper floor houses the main bedroom which comes with an en-suite, a walk-in wardrobe, and a cozy reading area. The living area "includes a wood burning stove, a stylish drink cabinet, and electrically controlled furniture" whilst outside you'll find "a bar, fire features, stunning landscaping, a hot tub, and ambient lighting". The property comes fully furnished and the pize bundle includes 20,000 to help you move in and a Range Rover Evoque. McKinney don't mention anything about rental for this particular draw. If a new home in Amargh isn't for you then there's a cash prize alternative - which for this draw is set at 200,000.

How To Enter The Competition

To enter the competition for the chance to win property in Armagh or cash alternative you simply need to answer a multiple choice question about the country. Note that you're not told whether your answer is right or not but the question is so absurdly easy that you won't need Google to check. Once you've made your selection it's simply a case of completing the purchase of your tickets. There is a free entry route offered for entrants who wish to take that option. Entry is via postcard and details about how to complete your entry are given on the website. Obviously with just a few days left (sorry) and the current postal strikes it's probably a little too late to get any NPN entries in now.

79999 Tickets

McKinney Competitions aim to sell a maximum of 79999 tickets at 9.99 (total revenue just under 800,000 assuming full prices are paid) by the end of the month. This a huge discount on the previous draw which had a full ticket price of 59.97 (although there was a 40% discount at the end of play). To encourage you further to play there are instant win prizes of 100-500 up for grabs too. According to the website the draw date is "always brought forward to next working day after all tickets are designated" and that the "date counter is just a possible maximum draw date". At time of writing just over 16000 tickets had been sold so it does seem that more people will happily take a punt on property prize draws when the price is right.

Our Verdict

We think that this property prize now holds the record for the quickest return to raffle than any others previously. It's good to see that McKinney have cut the price of tickets down from an astronomical 59 down to a more - but still pricey - 9.99. The big question of course is how many times do you think that this property will end up being raffled? The house will probably only appeal to someone local to the area so it could well be that the next winner, and the next and the next will take the cash. We could be listing this site every couple of weeks for a year. That said we'll not be seeing the 2 Bed Apartment in Spain again because the winners of that prize draw decided to take the property. Enter Competition Here

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