Win A Luxury Floating Home 2 Review

Marwood Makes, a company based in Bath, are once again offering the chance for you to win a luxury floating home worth 180,000 in this prize draw. The winner can choose from a 2, 4 or 6-berth layout, as well as selecting the colour scheme, fixtures, fittings & more. The prize draw is being hosted on their own platform.

Launched: 21st May 2024 Closes: 30th August 2024

Platform: Marwood Makes

Location: Marwood Makes, BA2 6UR

House Value: £180000 (2 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £12.00 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: Unknown

Cash Alternative: None

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Marwood Makes are hosting their another of their own pay to enter draw with the prize being a luxury floating home. If you've ever fancied a change of lifestyle then this draw maybe for you. Marwood Makes are a company based in Bath that have been "transforming spaces on wheels & water since 2018". They're now offering their skills to a lucky winner. If your view of living on a boat was one of cramped spaces then do check out the Marwood Makes website. When these guys say luxury they mean luxury. There are spacious seating areas, beautifully tiled bathrooms, king sized beds, handcrafted kitchen units. The list goes on.

About The Property

The prize itself is a brand new 60 x 12.5 widebeam boat. The winner can choose from a 2 berth, 4 berth or 6 berth layout. In addition the winner gets to be involved with the design process. So they'll get to "choose from a range of fixtures & fittings, worktops, colour palettes, flooring, cupboard face designs, tiles, exterior paint job & more". We think that's pretty cool. The boat will come fully kitted out with appliances, electrics for off grid living as well as heating and insulation. We're not sure what furnishings are included. Also included is one year insurance & Canal & River Trust licence. There's no information, that we can see, about fees, moving the boat to a different location etc. There's also no details about ongoing running costs and/or any potential income if the winner chose to rent out the boat as a holiday let.

How To Enter The Competition The Prize Draw

To enter the prize draw you need to visit Marwood Makes and purchase tickets. Unusually for this period of win a house competitions they've chosen to design and build their own independent site. First you need to select the number of tickets that you wish to buy (maximum 25) and then answer a multiple choice question. The question is relatively easy but if you're unsure then Google is your friend as you can still buy tickets with the wrong answer. When you do get past the first page you have to select an answer again but it looks (to us at least) that the checkout defaults to the right answer. Just in case you haven't seen the question enough times it's also on the checkout page. Also at the checkout you need to complete all your details.

44,000 Tickets

Marwood Makes are aiming to sell a maximum of 44,000 tickets at 12 each (revenue 440,000) in order to be able to giveaway the prize. Tickets need to be sold by the end of August 2024. If you fancy a little bit of a discount then sign up for their mailing list. Also keep an eye on social media for occasional free prize draws to win tickets. Details about selling insufficient tickets is quite limited. However based on the information we found it suggests to us that if not enough tickets are sold then the competition will be cancelled and refunds issued. The only reference to a cash prize that's in the terms and conditions is regarding offering a cash alternative. The promoter can offer a cash alternative but the winner also acknowledges that no cash substitute will be provided.

Our Verdict

If all the above sounds very familiar then that's because it is. We've simply regurgitated our original review of the first Marwood Makes prize draw as the details are pretty much the same. There are a few differences! Firstly the ticket price has risen from 10 to 12 a ticket plus Marwood Makes aim to sell 8000 more tickets (44,000 compared to 36000). There are discounts on offer butin terms of responsible play we're not sure offering 20 competition tickets for 195 and "Best Odds" fits the bill. Still that aside it's good to see a niche market being established in the win a property sector and that Marwood are also creating winners. Like Bounty, if they can established a happily engaged audience then there's no reason why these competitions can't continue to be successful. Enter Competition Here

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