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McKinney Competitions, a raffle style prize draw company based in Ireland, are back in Northern Ireland for their latest house giveaway. You could win a 4 bedroom luxury house plus cash and a VW Golf R or 200,000 cash. Tickets aren't cheap at 41.57 each although you may get them cheaper if you can grab a discount.

Winner: Emily Comac

Launched: 22nd November 2023 Closed: 2nd December 2023

Platform: McKinney Competitions

Location: Drumman Meadows, Armargh, BT61 9BZ

House Value: £290000 (4 Bedrooms)

Extras: 20,000 Cash

Car: VW Golf R

Ticket Price: £41.57 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: 39999 Revenue: £1662758.43 (Estimated)

Cash Alternative: 200,000


After offering properties in Portugal, McKinney Competitions have returned to Armagh City in Northern Ireland for another property prize draw. This isn't the first time that McKinney have offered a house in this area. According to our database, a four bed property in the same development was a prize back in April 2023 (Win A 4 Bed Luxury House In Amargh. The property for this particular prize draw does look different but we wonder whether it's merely a cover to run the same promotion again and that the previous winner took the cash prize? When we looked for Otas Muraska (the winner) on the site there's no indicator whether he chose the house or cash. Anyway we know from a Google search that The Coach House is part of a development on Drumman Meadows and has a valuation of 290,000 according to the information on Propertypal.

The Property

The prize on offer is described as "luxury, 4 bedroom, turn key home in the heart of Armagh". Mckinney go on to say that this "fantastic new build prize is a detached home with a generous garden and spectacular outdoor features". Upstairs are the four bedrooms including a main bedroom with en-suite. Downstairs the living room boasts a wood burner, a large TV and even a Christmas Tree ready for the winner to move in before Santa shows up. Superfast Fibre Broadband, Modern Decor, Furnishings and a Pebble Driveaway are also included in the property prize. To help you move in there's 20,000 cash plus a VW Golf R is thrown in too. Note that the car isn't brand new. We think that most people outside the McKinney catchment area however will opt instead for the cash prize alternative which for this draw is set at 200,000.

How To Enter The Competition

To enter the competition for the chance to win the Luxury House In Armagh City or cash alternative you simply need to answer a multiple choice question about the country. Note that you're not told whether your answer is right or not but the question is so absurdly easy that you won't need Google to check. Once you've made your selection it's simply a case of completing the purchase of your tickets. There is a free entry route offered for entrants who wish to take that option. Entry is via postcard and details about how to complete your entry are given on the website. However just note that if you're thinking of going via NPN then you will need to be fast as these draws can sell out quickly.

39999 Tickets

McKinney Competitions aim to sell a maximum of 39999 tickets at 41.57 (total revenue just under 1.7million assuming full prices are paid) by the end of the month. At time of writing there was a discount in place though meaning tickets could be purchase at 24.97. The deadline combined with ticket price again may seem incredibly ambitious but this company always seem to manage to come up with enough sales. According to the website the draw date is "always brought forward to next working day after all tickets are designated" and that the "date counter is just a possible maximum draw date". McKinney state that most items are sold within just 1 or 2 days although we're not expecting this one to fly out the door.

Our Verdict

At time of writing just over 542 tickets had been sold which is pretty slow for property prizes on the likes of Bear, McKinney and Bounty. It should be noted that they only need to sell around 8000 tickets at full price to hit the property value. However we do think over 40 for a ticket is still pretty expensive so do look out for early bird offers and discounts. To make the draw more interesting McKinney have included instant wins and bonus draws where you could win up to 1000 cash. We wonder whether entrants would prefer cheaper tickets and less or no instant wins? Anyway we don't expect there to be any issues with McKinney hitting targets but we would love to know whether the eventual winner decides to take the cash or property. We guess if another four bed luxury home on the same estate pops up in 2024 then they've taken the cash? Enter Competition Here

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