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Bear Competitions are offering the chance to win a brand new apartment plus 30,000 or a 250,000 cash alternative with their first big property prize draw of 2023. Enter today for the chance to win a luxury apartment in the Prenton area of Merseyside. Tickets aren't cheap at 7 rft9.99 but there is an early bird discount available.

Winner: Carla Jack

Launched: 18th February 2023 Closed: 11th March 2023

Platform: Bear Competitions

Location: Prenton, Merseyside,

House Value: £250000

Extras: 20,000 Cash

Ticket Price: £79.99 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: 5999 Revenue: £479860.01 (Estimated)

Cash Alternative: 250,000

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Now that the big platforms of Omaze, Raffle House and Tramway Path are back in the game, eyes now turn to the dedicated pay to enter prize draw sites like McKinney. We can tell you that Bounty Competitions will soon launch a draw to win a farmhouse in Oxford, but before that Bear Competitions are back with another property prize draw. This time they're offering a 2 bedroom luxury apartment on Devonshire Place, Prenton. Prenton is a suburb of Birkenhead and located in Cheshire. Liverpool is just 13 minutes away (according to Google) provided you take the Birkenhead and Queensway Tunnels. Bear Competitions value the property package at 220,000 which includes 25,000 of furnishings plus conveyancing, taxes etc. Interestingly we found this property for sale in the same location but with a sale price of 146,500. Admittedly the prize looks a lot more luxurious than this one that we've found.

About The Property

The property is a two bedroom apartment within a Grade II listed former school. The prize you can win is located on the ground floor and consists of an open plan lounge, kitchen-diner plus a modern bathroom. The property linked above is also a ground floor one so check it out for various pictures and a room layout. Bear Competitions don't provide any details regarding running costs, local taxes or rental options but we have found properties in the same location which command rentals of between 600 and 900 pcm. However if you'd prefer not worrying about owning this kind of apartment then there's always the 250K alternative. The house/cash alternative isn't the only prize on offer in this draw. Bear Competitions will also giveaway 25,000 as a second prize plus 10,000 as a third prize.

How To Enter The Competition

To enter the competition you need to first answer a multiple choice question. It's pretty easy as it's about which country you'd find the City of Liverpool in. We're pretty sure everyone will be able to get this one right without using Google. However if you do get the answer wrong then you're not told so just be careful. Once you've selected your answer you then can choose to purchase either one to four tickets. Purchases can be made using debit cards or Paypal. Once your order has been placed your ticket number(s) will be randomly allocated and will show on your order confirmation. You should receive an email notifying you of your ticket numbers.

6999 Tickets

Bear Competitions are hoping to sell a maximum of 6999 tickets (maximum revenue of 559,850) by the closing date the 11th March 2023. Tickets are on sale at 79.99 but for a few days they are selling at a reduced price of 49.99. A no purchase necessary route is available. You can enter the competition for free by sending your entry on an unenclosed handwritten postcard by first class post. Bulk entries in one envelope will not be accepted as multiple entries and if a bulk entry is received, it will be counted as one single entry. If you're keen to try a postal entry then our advice is to get it in as fast as possible.

Our Verdict

At time of writing Bear Competitions had already shifted 9% of the available tickets - and that was at the early bird price of 49. Compared to the likes of Froghopping this is pretty good but a little bit slow compared to previous draws by Bounty, McKinney etc. Could the high prices be putting people off? The competitions from Omaze, Raffle House and Tramway Path are much much cheaper to enter although the odds of winning are much much higher. If finances are tight we suspect entrants would opt for these three over the likes of Bear, McKinney and Bounty. Only time will tell but it'd be quite a surprise if Bear don't sell enough tickets to cover their costs (and go on to make a profit). They may just have to really push ticket sales right to the wire. Enter Competition Here

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