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This house giveaway gives you the chance to win a 3 bedroom maisonette in Banff, Aberdeenshire, alongside 10,000 cash. Alternatively the winner can choose to take 95,000 as a cash prize. Tickets, that are selling very fast, cost 3.99 each and the promotion is being run on the popular pay to enter prize draw site, Bounty Competitions.

Winner: Alison Spence

Launched: 2nd July 2024 Closed: 12th July 2024

Platform: Bounty Competitions

Location: Banff, Aberdeenshire, AB21 9BA

House Value: £95000 (3 Bedrooms)

Extras: 10,000 Cash

Ticket Price: £3.99 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: 59000 Revenue: £235410 (Estimated)

Cash Alternative: 95000

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Bounty Competitions have really got the win a competition bug as they're churning out a third one in a matter of weeks. This one though is a lot different to previous prizes in that it's not a holiday villa or a new build. It's a simple 3 bedroom maisonette in the town of Banff in Aberdeenshire. Banff by the way is on the north coast of Aberdeenshire and it's approximately an hour's drive to Aberdeen. A Google search gives us a location on Church Street where Apartment 8 is listed on (this is a two bed apartment so we're guessing this'll be the neighbours) whilst Remax has recently had a 3 bedroom property listed (but the link is no longer active). As we can't find a value for the maisonette we're going to assume it's the same as the cash alternative but suspect that it'll be somewhat higher in reality.

About The Property

Details about this property are quite limited. It's a 3 bedroom maisonette with 2 bathrooms, living room and kitchen. It comes fully furnished so it's ready to move into or rent out. There are plenty of images to look over on the Bounty website and the property does look like it's been renovated. In addition there's a shared outside space plus private parking. Bounty are chucking in 10,000 with the property and we presume they'll cover all legal fees too. The property is available from July 21st so we wonder whether it's been rented out at the moment? However if owning property in the North East of Scotland isn't for you then Bounty are offering a 95,000 cash alternative should you want to take that. Note that this cash prize covers the whole property bundle of the house plus cash.

How To Enter The Competition

Entry to the prize draw is very easy. All you have to do is select your raffle ticket(s) and go on and purchase them. If you're not keen on trying to find your own lucky number then there is a lucky dip option. The latter is actually quite useful as it does save you wading through the lists of numbers trying to find one that appeals. Once you've picked your numbers then head to the checkout where you'll need to login/register and pay. Note that there are no questions to answer! If you're interested in playing but not necessarily paying then a no purchase necessary route is offered in the site's terms and conditions. But you'll need to be quick!

59000 Tickets

Bounty Competitions aim to sell 59000 tickets before the middle of July 2024 in order to complete the draw. Assuming all tickets are sold at full price that equates to just over 230,000 revenue. The prize draw is only a few hours old and already they've sold over 9000 tickets (about 800 in the time it's taken us to write to this point). Whilst this might not have the attraction of a villa in Spain or brand new property, Bounty still seem to manage to get the ticket sales! There is a postal entry option for those of you who like to try "no purchase necessary" routes but we'd be surprised if this one is open long enough to write your postcard.

Our Verdict

Bounty have gone win a house crazy and it's insane to think that they're potentially going to create 3 house winners in under a few weeks with all tickets sold out. When we saw the property was in Banff we did initially think a holiday home in Canada - hopefully you don't make the same mistake! The property in question looks decent - perhaps ideal as a rental - but more for one for the local audience. In this case the 95K prize seems more attractive. It'll be interesting to see how quickly this one turns round - will it be as fast as it's predecessors - and will we see it back up as a prize in a future competition? Because of the nature of Bounty's ticket sales don't hold out for a discount! Enter Competition Here

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