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A three bedroom property in the Mountain Ash area of South Wales is the prize on offer in this prize draw. An 80,000 cash alternative is also available. Tickets now cost 5 each and the promotion is being run on a new raffle site, Tidy Comps.

Winner: 20000

Launched: 1st January 2022 Closed: 31st December 2022

Platform: Tidy Comps

Location: Mountain Ash, CF45

House Value: £120000 (3 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £5.00

Tickets Sold: Unknown

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Hoping to follow in the footsteps of McKinney and Elite Competitions are a new raffle company from South Wales. Tidy Comps is the brainchild of Delyth & Lee who wanted to create a platform to help raise funds for charity. They aim to give "100% of net profits to charity whilst giving people some life changing prizes" as well as being "totally transparent with figures and donations". Their first property is a terrace house in the Mountain Ash area although the exact location and postcode isn't revealed (or at least we couldn't find it). We've chosen a generic one to give you at least some location reference. In better news Tidy Comps have provided a valuation - 120,000 - as well as rental potential of 700 pcm.

About The Property

The property you can win is a three bedroom terrace home. It comes furnished and has been fully refurbished throughout. There are a few images of the property on the website plus there are extra images on social media. In fact if you look on Instagram then you can see the renovations as well as before/after shots. Beyond that though there are some important details missing. For example are legal fees going to be paid by the hosts? We suspect that they will be but it'd be nice to see it in black and white. We'd also like to see the terms and conditions specifically for the house rather than generic website information. It does seem Tidy Comps are aiming to be clear and transparent but the only reference to a closing date is the draw "will be drawn no later than the 31st December 2022".

How To Enter The Competition

Entry to the prize draw is qualified by answering a mathematical question and putting in your answer. Note you won't be told whether the answer is right or wrong so make sure you're 100% certain before proceeding to purchase. We suggest you copy and paste the equation into Google to get the answer! Because the question is judged as "skill" it also means that Tidy Comps don't have to include a no purchase necessary option. Entrants can enter the competition as many times as they wish and there's a login/register system in place which we guess is where you can review your account and see the tickets you've purchased.

1500 Tickets

Tidy Comps aim to sell 1500 tickets at 100 each (total revenue 150,000) before the end of 2022 in order to giveaway the property as a prize. It's unclear what happens if insufficient tickets are sold. There's no information in the terms with respect to whether a cash prize will be paid out. The terms do state that the "promoter will not extend the closing date simply to sell more entries". However the terms also state that the promoter reserves the right to change the closing date. As mentioned above one of the aims of Tidy Comps is to raise funds for good causes. Their homepage states that 28,000 will be donated to charity from this prize draw - but that obviously is dependent on the successful conclusion of the raffle.

Our Verdict

New additions to the win a house sector are always welcome and credit has to go to any company who give the mechanic a try. Tidy Comps have set out their stall and there are some positives. For example they let entrants know the number of tickets sold after you've entered an answer to the skill question. To date they've sold 17 tickets which is a start at least. We like the idea that they also want to use the platform to donate net profits to charity. However there are a few things to consider and the 100 ticket price tag is the biggest one, especially for a new unknown company. We're also a little confused why for 100 a ticket you can choose a home worth 120,000 or a cash prize worth 80,000. Where does the remaining 40K end up? The website also lacks a few important details most notably with respect to what happens if insufficient tickets are sold.

March 2022 Update

The above references the original prize launched by Tidy Comps. However in March 2022 the company restructured the competition and dropped the ticket price to 5 with the aim of selling a minimum of 150,000 of tickets. There are discounts for buying in bulk and we assume that previous buyers of 100 tickets will receive the scaled number of tickets following the restructure. Enter Competition Here

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