Win A Wexford House - Cash Winner

This is your chance to win a 4 bedroomed detached house on 0.31 hectares of land in County Wexford, Ireland. The prize also includes 5,000 and a Husqvarna sit on mower. Tickets cost 12 and entries can be made via the Raffall platform.

Winner: Ann Hartnett

Launched: 31st July 2021 Closed: 9th May 2022

Platform: Raffall

Location: Wexford, Ireland,

House Value: £400000 (4 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £12.50 (Free Entry - See 5.6 in Terms)

Tickets Sold: 8000 Revenue: £100000 (Estimated)

Cash Alternative: 75% of ticket sales


Jane and David Joynes are the latest couple of try to raffle off their home in Ireland via Raffall. The couple moved to the area five years ago and planned to enjoy their retirement there. But having recently lost a brother to cancer, David has re-evaluated his life. Their aim is to raffle their home and at the same time raise funds for Worldwide Cancer Research. The couple hope to stay in the Wexford area but downsize their property. It's a sad story but hopefully through the raffle the couple can do some good and help a worthy cause.

About The Property

The property on offer is a 4 bed detached house in Wexford, Ireland. The exact location is not given but it's an 80 minute drive to Dublin Airport. No valuation is given so for the time being we've made an estimate of 400,000 just as a guide and based on other properties for sale in Wexford. A video and images of the home are available on Raffall and it looks quite attractive, especially the 0.31 hectares of land surrounding the building. To help the winner get started with their new home the hosts are throwing in 5000 and a sit on mower (you're going to need it). Additionally all solicitor and stamp duty fees are covered and there are no water rates and, for UK entrants, no council taxes to worry about.

How To Enter The Competition

To enter the raffle you need to be registered with Raffall. This can be done via Facebook or email login. Once at the house raffle page it's a case of answering a question and purchasing tickets. The question pops up in a window which we found disappeared very quickly. Tickets cost 12.50 and there's no limit to the number you can purchase. You can purchase online using debit cards. A donation of 10% will be made to Worldwide Cancer Research. As far as we're aware this donation is made only if the property is won via the raffle.

50,000 Ticket Sales

The host hopes to sell 50,000 tickets (total revenue 625,000) by mid May 2022 in order to conclude the draw. If insufficient tickets are sold then the winners will receive a share of the compensation amounting to 75% of all ticket sales. All compensation payments are guaranteed and paid directly by Raffall Limited. This is a little bit different to house competitions run by individuals and should offer more assurance to entrants. Note that recently some property raffles on Raffall have completed - with a home winner - with lower than specified ticket target. It seems that Raffall now offer some flexibilty on getting competitions over the line.

Our Verdict

This competition has been active since the end of July and only just appeared on our radar thanks to a nod from a Loquax user. We have discovered media coverage for the property and they do have a social media page - this is usually a good start for most property raffles. However the market isn't great for win a house competitions at the moment and even Ireland based competitions are struggling. We like that they've set the ticket price lower than usual for Irish raffles and have an attainable target. How will this one fair? To be honest it's hard to say - with the back story it'd be nice if the Joynes' can attain their goal of raising funds for Cancer Research. Enter Competition Here

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