Win An East London Apartment - Cash Winner

A two bedroom apartment in the Whitechapel area of East London or cash prize alternative could be yours in the latest Raffle House property competition. Bundles of tickets can be purchased from 10 but do look out for special deals on bulk buys and ticket matches for other property competitions running on the platform.

Winner: Perry P

Launched: 1st May 2021 Closed: 30th November 2022

Platform: Raffle House

Location: Whitechapel, London, E1 3AR

House Value: £375000 (1 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £10.00 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: Unknown

Cash Alternative: 90% cash sum (after deductions)

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As they've done previously, Raffle House have launched a new property giveaway as their current one enters the last month (after several extensions) of it's run. This marketing ploy allows them to encourage entrants to purchase tickets for both raffles and potentially boost the cash prize pot or perhaps even get the required number of sales to create a property winner. Will it work? Well it didn't last time round and let's face it Raffle House really need another property winner to build some credibility in this sector. Anyway the latest property on their conveyor belt is an apartment in the O'Leary Square area of London. That's close to the Whitechapel tube and The Royal London Hospital. We can't find a valuation for the apartment but looking at Purple Brickes there's a similar apartment on sale at 375,000 so that's the valuation we're providing.

About The Property

The property is a 2 bedroom apartment with amazing views from the 7th floor of the apartment block overlooking the shared private garden. We don't know if we're missing something but the details about this particular property seem quite limited. For example there's nothing about the valuation, whether it's leasehold, how long the lease has left etc. Also no details are provided with respect to service charges or potential for rental although Kings Group do have a similar apartment on their books at 1700 rental pcm. Images of the inside of the apartment are shown on Raffle House but we're not sure whether the furnishings are included. If the competition completes and results in a property winner then they have the choice of taking the apartment as a prize or a cash alternative. How much that is doesn't seem to be mentioned?

How To Enter The Competition

To enter the competition you simply need to select the number of tickets that you wish to purchase. This competition now adopts the mid-raffle change from the previous giveaway and is exactly how Omaze works. For example for 10 you can get 30 tickets, 25 lands you 100 tickets, 40 buys you 250 tickets and there's a massive 900 tickets should you wish to part with 100. There is no question to answer! However there is now a free postal entry option. Note that you must be registered with Raffle House to use this option. Entrants can choose to donate 5p of every ticket purchased to a homelessness charity. The choices are Centre Point and Housing For Women.

Ticket Target

Raffle House have set the initial closing date for this competition as the end of September 2022. As previous competitions haven't exactly faired very well (at least in terms of their objective of creating a house winner) and have also been extended, we'd not be surprised to see this raffle be extended to January 2023 and maybe even April 2023. Whilst the terms on Raffle House do suggest a 450,000 ticket target that refers to the West London property and we can't currently see any information with respect to minimum sales requirements for this one. To be honest it seems irrelevant because Raffle House never seem to provide details of tickets sold or the amount of cash awarded as an alternative. If not enough tickets are sold then either a 90% cash sum (after deductions) can be awarded or the competition can be extended.

Our Verdict

Somewhere along the line the Raffle House model must be working for someone but where are the property winners? And how many tickets are actually being sold? By launching a new raffle before the close of the West London apartment it keeps an audience engaged and it's easier to push off a new campaign rather than on the back of entrants wondering who won and asking for transparency. Adopting the Omaze model payment model is an interesting move but if you're going to do that then you need to at least guarantee the houses are won. The question as entrants you should be asking is how can Tramway Path, Omaze and even Bounty Competitions can create housewinners, but Raffle House - despite extensive advertising - seemingly struggle to generate enough sales to giveaway the properties? There was a time when we'd get excited about a new Raffle House Dream Home giveaway, but they really need to create house winners to reignite that excitement.

Closing Date Extended Until November

Quelle surprise! Raffle House have changed the closing date for this draw. Whilst others can successfully sell enough tickets to close draws on time or guarantee that the property is awarded, Raffle House continue to drag things out - and then never reveal what was won at the end of the promotion. This we think is unfair on entrants and doesn't reflect well on the integrity of Raffle House. We suspect a lot of people are feeling the same. Enter Competition Here

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