Win Freds Home - Cash Winner

The former house of the late celebrity steeplejack Fred Dibnah is the prize in this competition. Spot the ball for 10 a ticket and this 450,000 property in Bolton could be yours.

Winner: Brian Langshaw from Wigan (7000)

Launched: 1st November 2018 Closed: 30th June 2019

Location: Bolton, BL2 1NU

House Value: £450000

Ticket Price: £10.00 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: 1000 Revenue: £10000 (Estimated)

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Fred Dibnah came into the public eye through a BBC documentary that followed his life as a steeplejack. Fred died in 2004 and his home became the Fred Dibnah Heritage Centre under the ownership of Leon and Jan Powsney. The centre housed many of Fred's steam engines as well as a 50 feet chimney and mineshaft.

Spot The Ball

Sadly the Heritage Centre closed this year and Fred's old machines sold off. However a buyer for the property hasn't been found at the owners are now offering it in a raffle. The property was built in 1854 and has two storeys - one at street level and the other below street level. As well as the chimney and mineshaft, the property also includes Fred's workshop. The property will come unfurnished!

This is a spot the ball competition and tickets cost 10 which includes a 25p admin fee. The owners aim to sell a minimum of 50,000 tickets before the end of July 2019. The maximum ticket sales is set at 55,000. If the minimum target is not met then a cash prize will be awarded. This will be "70% of the funds raised from all ticket sales minus 30% of the funds raised from all tickets sales for marketing and administrative costs and an additional deduction for all relevant taxes".

Run A Business

The website itself is very poor in terms of design and content. This may put off would be entrants. However, interested parties will find more information at the Fred Dibnah Heritage Centre. This gives a lot more background and detail about the property, it's history and Fred.

According to the owners the potential winner could live in the property, rent it out, run a business, rent out the workshop or sell it. However they don't provide details about possible income or costs of running the property. They do admit they've not been able to find a buyer though so that's something to consider. Enter Competition Here

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