Win In Boro - Cash Winner

The 174,950 property in Acklam, Middlesbrough didn't complete. However, Mel Pinkney won a cash prize of 6905. Other prizes and charity payouts were awarded and details posted on Facebook.

Winner: Mel Pinkney (6905)

Launched: 17th September 2017 Closed: 1st April 2018

Location: Middlesborough, TS5 8RY

House Value: £174950

Ticket Price: £5.00 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: 2515 Revenue: £12575 (Estimated)


Details about the property are limited. To enter the competition you need to answer a question. Payment is by bank transfer or cheque - and you need to contact the owner via Facebook. One free entry per household is also accepted. As of March 1st only 2515 tickets had been sold.

If the target isn't reached by the closing date then a cash prize will be awarded. 5% will of all fees will be retained for admin costs. Three prizes will be awarded at 50%, 20% and 10% of the remaining cash pool. The remainder will go to local charities (to be decided after the promotion).

Although this competition is new to Loquax (March 2018) it has been running for some time and featured on local news channels including TFM Radio and BBC Tees. The owner opted for a competition after receiving only one viewing after having his home up for sale for some time.

The website isn't the best we've seen - and the limited payment options aren't good. However, this is probably the only competition where the target number of tickets (35,500) multiplied by ticket price (5) closely matches the property valuation. Enter Competition Here

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