Win My Home Nottingham - Cash Winner

New pay to enter prize draw platform Win My Home are offering the chance to win a 2million property in Nottingham. Tickets cost from 10 although there is a no purchase necessary postal option. A cash alternative will be paid out if not enough tickets are sold. The platform will donate 5% of net proceeds to Emmanuel House.

Winner: Loreta from Nottingham

Launched: 16th March 2023 Closed: 31st July 2023

Platform: Win My Home

Location: Nottingham, NG7

House Value: £2000000 (6 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £10.00 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: Unknown

Cash Alternative: 50% Of Net Profits

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Just when we think that there won't be any new blood in the win a house sector along comes a newcomer. Win My Home is aiming to be a new platform for entrants and has adopted a very similar approach to the likes of Omaze and Raffle House. The platform is from a company called Win My Home Ltd who were only incorporated in February 2023. They have a single director, Yevheniia Levytska. The Nottingham property that's on offer as the prize though is owned by a local businessman called Elliot Andrew (Nottingham Post). In the interview he explains "I'm 36 so I'd like to tick off a list of things to do before 40, and I really like the concept of Win My Home". Which is fine but the platform is new and it begs the question whether Mr Andrew does have involvement with it. Trying to giveaway a new home on a new platfom in a tough market doesn't seem like the best idea.

About The Property

The property on offer is a six-bedroom four-storey villa, situated in the Park Estate, Nottingham. According to the interview above, Mr Andrew has "spent more than 500,000 renovating the villa" after purchasing it for 1million. Today Win My Home value the property at 2million. As well as the six bedrooms it comprises 3 bathrooms and 4 reception rooms. Planning permission has been agreed for a spa and roof extension plus the property has it's own cave. If won the winner will get all the furniture included plus there'll be no stamp duty, mortgage or conveyancing fees to pay. Council Tax is covered for one year. We do like that Win My Home have actually included some running costs in their FAQ plus they do say that it's currently realising 1500 per night as a high-end staycation property. On the site you'll find plenty of images and a video of the property plus a floor plan. Overall it's quite an impressive prize.

About The Prize Draw

Win My Home has adopted the Omaze approach to property prize draws. You simply select the ticket bundle you wish to purchase, pay and that's it you're in the draw. There are no questions to answer. There are five ticket bundles available: 15 tickets for 10, 40 for 25, 85 for 50, 320 for 150 and 1000 for 350. Given that there's a cost of living crisis we'd have thought that they'd be a few more smaller bundles available. We're not sure that anyone would part with 350 for 1000 tickets on an unproven platform, but you never know. There is a no purchase necessary postal option available should you wish to use it. Interestingly the wording on the no purchase page is pretty much identical to the NPN page on Omaze, which does make us wonder whether it was just simply copied from that source.

Ticket Sales

Because Win My Home are hoping to emulate Omaze they're not setting a specific ticket sales target. The prize draw runs until the 31st July 2023 and as far as we're aware there's no scope for extensions. Unlike Omaze however if Win My Home don't sell sufficient tickets, presumably to compensate for the cost of the property and admin fees, then a cash alternative will be awarded. This is set at 50% Of Net Profits which in this sector is very low (Raffall offer 75% of ticket sales). What this means is that the company could potentially have a very low profit - after admin costs, marketing etc.

Our Verdict

A new platform in the sector is always exciting and as ever we hope that it goes on to become a regular source for property prize draws. However trying to be the next Omaze or even muscle in on it's territory is a tall order, especially with little marketing. Interestingly despite not popping up on our radar for almost three weeks after launch Win My Home have picked up, since the end of February, 38K followers on Instagram, 21K on Facebook but just 384 on Twitter. On first glance the socials suggest someone is buying followers and likes which is never a good look. The biggest issue for us however is the 50% Net Revenue cash prize as we think that's way too low.

September 2023 Update

According to The Nottingham Post the winner was awarded just 5000 as a "goodwill gesture" due to the prize draw failing to make a profit despite a spend of 200,000 on marketing. This story was subsequently been picked up by National Press and even Sky News. In response Win My Home have removed their social media channels and deleted content off their website. More details are on our blog. Enter Competition Here

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