Win The Home That Jo Made - Cash Winner

A 400,000 house in Scotland is on offer in this home competition. The owners aim to sell just 20,000 tickets but they are at the pricier end of the spectrum.

Winner: Gillian Lowe from Fife

Launched: 30th June 2018 Closed: 31st December 2018

Location: Kirkcaldy, KY1 1RX

House Value: £400000

Ticket Price: £35.25 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: Unknown


Joanne Caira has recently renovated this property and documented progress on Instagram. She's now decided to offer it as a prize in this competition. It boasts five double bedrooms, a high spec kitchen and dining area with Neff appliances and gardens. It's located just 25 miles from Edinburgh Airport.

Spot The Ball

20,000 tickets at 35 a piece (700,000) need to be sold for the home to be won. A 25p admin charge will also apply. The ticket target is quite reasonable, but the price is one of the highest from this current crop of competitions. To enter you need to register with the site and then spot the ball. The winner will be the person with the entry closest to the judge's decision.

Standard house selling fees are included in the prize. However, if not enough tickets are sold then a cash prize will be awarded. This is described "the funds raised from all ticket sales minus 30% of the funds raised from all tickets sales for marketing and administrative costs and an additional deduction for all relevant taxes".

Independent Promotional Verification Service

The terms are a bit of a jumble. At one point they refer to a crossword and at another spot the ball. They do say that the winner will be determined by PromoVeritas, the independent promotional verification service. However, we couldn't find reference to how the location of the ball was going to be decided.

Overall this does look an impressive property prize. It'll be interesting to see how ticket sales go - 20,000 seems to be an attainable target, but will the price put off prospective players?

Cash Prize To Be Awarded

This competition ended on the 31st December. The website currently states that "Unfortunately we did not meet the minimum threshold in order for the house to be won. As stated in the terms and conditions, there is however a cash prize alternative (70% of funds raised)" Enter Competition Here

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