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The Canadian Lottery is known as the Canada 6/49 and as you can probably guess this is another lottery where you need to match six numbers from 49 to win the jackpot. The game is played every Wednesday and Saturday and players get one entry free for every line purchased! The odds of winning are 32/1 and that is for matching two balls.

Canadian Lottery Fixed Odds

Six Numbers
Seven Numbers
1 Ball
2 Balls
3 Balls
4 Balls
5 Balls

Above you'll see the fixed odds (correct at time of writing) for betting on the Canadian Lottery at Betfred, in our opinion one of the better bookies for lotto betting. The numbers show the effect of including the bonus ball on the results.

Comparatively these are some of the best odds around. In comparison Coral offer 6/1 for 1 ball but consistently less for matching two, three and four balls. As with other fixed odd lottos Coral do seem to be happy to provide higher odds for matching the difficult to achieve five numbers.

The same issue applies if you include the bonus ball. Coral matches the 5/1 for the one ball but then offers reduced odds for two to four. For example if you match three balls and include the bonus in the results you'll only get 329/1 at Coral versus 400/1 at Betfred.

Bet365 however may well be the best destination for betting on the Canadian Lottery. They offer 13/2 and 11/2 for the one ball (bonus and no bonus). The no bonus odds are then identical, but Bet365 do give better figures of 44/1 and 440/1 should you choose to include the bonus. Bet365 also allow combination bets, bonus ball predictions and even the total score of the balls drawn.

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