Free Lottery Games

Free lottery games were all the rage online several years ago. The Daily Draw, Banana Lotto, Loopy Lotto and many others all jumped on the lottery bandwagon. They could offer free play simply by getting entrants to qualify their lines by clicking on advertising links. The most successful of the free sites was The Daily Draw (PDV Limited) who managed to produce a couple of millionaire winners. However, as advertisers became more of the value of clicks and entrants got bored of not winning, these sites soon faded in popularity.

When we last review this section you could still play at the likes of Kingo Lotto but they too have now faded out of favour. You had to endure marketing messages in order to take part. The Daily Draw looks to have gone too. Up until the end of 2010 there was also Virtual World Direct - or the eLottery - you could get free lines simply by paying to play and then referring friends to develop a downline. If they paid and played then you earnt commission. Unfortunately the business was closed down by The High Court.

That's not to say you can't play free games...

Since May 2015 a number of free sites have sprung up offering the chance to win daily cash prizes. The most well know is the Free Postcode Lottery which currently offers 300 a day for their main draw. Essentially it's not a lottery but a prize draw based on your postcode. A similar site Lucky Phone also offers daily cash prizes but the numbers are generated by your phone number or lucky dip.

A list of daily free games is listed below

If you're not sure about playing all the above and would prefer one or two to visit regularly then we'd suggest The Free Postcode Lottery and Raffler.

Other Lotto 'Freebies'

Bingo sites like Rollover Bingo offer free lotto lines to players. Spend 10 and you get one free lotto syndicate line. Get 3 lines and that results in a free Euromillions syndicate line too.

If you don't mind paying to bag a freebie then it's worth dropping in on The Health Lottery. They frequently offer free weeks provided you sign up to play their games via direct debit. Occasionally they may also offer a bonus to new players too.

Similarly most bookies will also offer new depositors a matched bet offer - we've found that Betfred are the most proactive when it comes to lotto and they frequently run special promotions and bonuses.