Enter A Free Lottery Online

Free online lotteries aren't exactly new. However, since the days of The Daily Draw and Bananalotto things have changed considerably. The biggest arrival in this sector was The Free Postcode Lottery - now Pick My Postcode. Although pitched as a lottery it's more of a prize draw! However the success of The FPL saw the arrival of similar sites. Check them out below!

Pick My Postcode
Originally known as The Free Postcode Lottery and the biggest of all free lottos. Open to UK visitors only, the daily main draw stands at 500. There are also survey draws, video draws, stackpots and flash giveaways.

Free National Lotto
A new addition offers a daily draw with a 5 prize plus a 5 ball draw that runs twice a week. The 5 ball draw pot rollsover until there's a winner. Prizes must be claimed!

Win A Dinner
Another site from the Pick My Postcode people but this time you can win a free lunch, cash or donate to charity. New winners are drawn every day at 4pm and unclaimed prizes are rolled over.

Emoji Lottery
Choose five emojis to create your entry, then check back daily to see if you're a winner. Unclaimed prizes continue to rollover until they have a winner. Winnings are paid via PayPal.

Freemoji Lottery
A second site from The FPL, but this is open to non-UK entries as well as UK players. Choose five emojis to create your entry, then check back daily to see if you're a winner. Over 131,000 players!

Free Birthdate Lottery
Recently changed hands, this site has two draws both offering 10 prizes. Enter your birthdate to take part. There are also surveys and other competitions to enter.

DOB Lotto
Your date of birth could win you a 50 daily prize with this site. No rollover if the prize is unclaimed and winners seem to be infrequent judging by the results pages.

Big Free Giveaway
Log in once a day to collect your free raffle ticket and be entered into the weekly draw. Each week there's a prize draw and 10 winners pick up a share of the prize pot. Prizes must be claimed otherwise are lost.

Prize Pig
Enter a daily draw for the chance to win a cash prize plus a monthly prize. Click on the pig to br notified if you are a winner. Prizes will be paid as a voucher or Paypal.

Free Draw Friday
From the owners of The Street Lottery that has now closed down. Earn tickets throughout the week for the chance to win the cashpot. The pot currently ranges from 10 to 20 each week.

Free Treats
A combined site from previous lotteries - free crisps and free chocolate! Register and return daily to see if you're the lucky winner of coffee, cash, chocolates or a surprise!

Free Lucky Lottery
Register and pick four numbers - then return daily to see if your combination has won. The pot starts at 10 and increases by 1, up to a maximum of 52, each day it's not claimed. Just under 3000 players.

Free Money Lotto
Offers two draws every week - every Wednesday and Saturday. Follow them on Twitter and tweet to enter. Earn extra daily entries by visiting the site and tweeting. Prizes are paid as a voucher or by Paypal.

Closed Or Suspended Lotteries


Raffler - Closed

Download the app for your mobile and watch videos daily to enter the draw. There's 100 (down from 1000) to be won daily for UK players. Open to UK, US and Canada residents.

Badger The Button

Badger The Button - Closed

Get automatically registered for a 10 daily draw then earn more entries by badgering the button! There are extra chances to win plus refer friends to increase your bonus pot.

Lucky Phone

Lucky Phone - Closed

Use your phone number to be a winner of daily lottery and bingo raffles. There's a 20 main draw, 10 lucky dip plus a 1000 mega draw. We actually one once, but forgot to claim! Ooops!

My Free Postcode Lottery

My Free Postcode Lottery - Closed!!

Another daily chance to win with your postcode with an uncannily similar proposition to The FPL. Check back to see if you've won 50 plus bonus. This has dropped from it's original 100 offer.

Weekly Postcode Lottery

Weekly Postcode Lottery - Closed

The main weekly draw claims to pay out a minimum of 10 per week, but this depends on their advertising revenue for that week. Prizes don't seem to rollover from week to week judging by the winners page.

Free Lotteries

Free Lotteries - Suspended

This site listed free lotteries as well as offered a daily prize of 20 to players. However, as of August 2017 the site is no longer available. A message says that it's suspended pending essential maintenance work to improve the site.

Number Plate Lotto

Number Plate Lotto - 15 Main Prize

This site where you enter your number plate and visit daily to find out if you've won has been suspended for "long term maintenance". It's claimed the site is having an overhaul and will be back sometime in the future.

The Selfie Lottery

The Selfie Lottery - Closed!

After paying out over 10,000 The Selfie Lottery, which operated by players uploading their selfies, has now closed it's doors due to limited time and resources.

As you can see there's a large variety of lottery/raffle sites to visit daily. Our ratings are based on site quality, prizes, winner information and comparison to other sites. Ratings may change month to month.

History Of Free Lotteries

Free lottery games were all the rage online several years ago. The Daily Draw, Banana Lotto, Loopy Lotto and many others all jumped on the lottery bandwagon. They could offer free play simply by getting entrants to qualify their lines by clicking on advertising links. The most successful of the free sites was The Daily Draw (PDV Limited) who managed to produce a couple of millionaire winners. However, as advertisers became more of the value of clicks and entrants got bored of not winning, these sites soon faded in popularity.

When we last review this section you could still play at the likes of Kingo Lotto but they too have now faded out of favour. You had to endure marketing messages in order to take part. The Daily Draw looks to have gone too. Up until the end of 2010 there was also Virtual World Direct - or the eLottery - you could get free lines simply by paying to play and then referring friends to develop a downline. If they paid and played then you earnt commission. Unfortunately the business was closed down by The High Court.

More Daily Competitions & Games

If you love daily chances to win prizes then check out the latest daily entry competitions. For those of you who like games then there are various bingo and slot sites that offer daily chances to win with prize games - some are free.

Finally you can play free sports prediction games such as Super Six and Pick 7 every week for the chance to win up to 250,000!