Free Lotto Watch

Back in 2008 there was a dramatic increase in Win A House competitions. This sparked Loquax's "Win A House Watch" whereby we kept tabs on the success of these competitions.

Fast forward almost 10 years and the trend among competitions is daily free lotteries - or raffles. These have mushroomed due to the success of The Free Postcode Lottery. They started out by offering a small prize daily, but now they're giving away 700 a day!

So we've decided it's high time to monitor these free raffles and see which ones are being successful, which you might want to avoid and which ones are up and coming.

The Free Postcode Lottery

The Free Postcode Lottery - 400 Main Prize

The original free daily lottery site that uses postcodes. Open to UK visitors only, the daily main draw stands at 400. There are also survey draws, video draws, stackpots and flash giveaways.
Facebook: 65611 Twitter: 6933 Biggest Win: 2400 Rating: 10

Free National Lotto

Free National Lotto - 5 Daily & Rollover

A new addition offers a daily draw with a 5 prize plus a 5 ball draw that runs twice a week. The 5 ball draw pot rollsover until there's a winner. Prizes must be claimed!
Facebook: 749 Twitter: 108 Biggest Win: 20 Rating: 7

My Free Postcode Lottery

My Free Postcode Lottery - 50 Main Prize

Another daily chance to win with your postcode. Check back to see if you've won 50 plus bonus. This has dropped from it's original 100 offer.
Facebook: 542 Twitter: 398 Biggest Win: 100? Rating: 4

Lucky Phone

Lucky Phone - 20 Main Prize

Use your phone number to be a winner of daily lottery and bingo raffles. There's a 20 main draw, 10 lucky dip plus a 1000 mega draw.
Facebook: 624 Twitter: 207 Biggest Win: 100 Rating: 5

Number Plate Lotto

Number Plate Lotto - 15 Main Prize

Enter your number plate and visit daily to find out if you've won a 15 prize (as of 1st March). The prize fund doesn't seem to rollover if unclaimed and referrals don't appear to work.
Facebook: 2673 Twitter: 1202 Biggest Win: 15 Rating: 5

Badger The Button

Badger The Button - 10 Main Prize

Get automatically registered for a 10 daily draw - earn more entries by badgering the button! Extra chances to win too.
Facebook: 981 Twitter: 183 Biggest Win: 80 Rating: 5

Emoji Lottery

Emoji Lottery - 5 Main Prize

Choose five emojis to create your entry, then check back daily to see if you're a winner.
Facebook: 369 Twitter: 421 Biggest Win: 105 Rating: 5

Freemoji Lottery

Freemoji Lottery - $20 Main Prize

A second site from The FPL, but this is open to non-UK entries as well as UK players. Choose five emojis to create your entry, then check back daily to see if you're a winner. Nearly 109,000 players!
Facebook: 1370 Twitter: 306 Biggest Win: $360 Rating: 5

Free Birthdate Lottery

Free Birthdate Lottery - 10 Main Prize

Now over a year old, this site has two draws both offering 10 prizes. Enter your birthdate to take part. There are also surveys and other competitions to enter.
Facebook: 583 Twitter: 960 Biggest Win: 10 Rating: 4

DOB Lotto

DOB Lotto - 50 Main Prize

Your date of birth could win you a 50 daily prize. No rollover if the prize is unclaimed.
Facebook: 549 Twitter: 597 Biggest Win: 50 Rating: 2


Raffler - 1000 Main Prize

Download the app for your mobile and watch videos daily to enter the draw. There's 1000 to be won daily. Open to UK, US and Canada residents.
Facebook: 8685 Twitter: 2450 Biggest Win: 1000 Rating: 7

Free Lotteries

Free Lotteries - 20 Main Prize

A free lottery site that features other free lotteries. Visit daily for the chance to win 20. It's not clear if the prize rolls over if unclaimed.
Facebook: 114 Twitter: 145 Biggest Win: 40 Rating: 4

Big Free Giveaway

Big Free Giveaway - Weekly Prize

New site that invites you to login daily to claim a raffle ticket. Each week there's a prize draw and 10 winners pick up a share of the prize pot.
Facebook: 75 Twitter: 289 Biggest Win: 25.39 Rating: 4

Free Crisps

Free Crisps - Crisps!

Register and return daily to see if you're a winner. Sister site to Free Chocolate and there are suggestions the two sites will merge in the near future.
Facebook: 1927 Twitter: 61 Biggest Win: Crisps! Rating: 4

Free Chocolate

Free Chocolate - Chocolate!

Register and return daily to see if you're a winner. Sister site to Free Crisps and there are suggestions the two sites will merge in the near future.
Facebook: 215 Twitter: 1775 Biggest Win: Chocolate! Rating: 4

Free Lucky Lottery

Free Lucky Lottery - Up To 52

Register and pick four numbers - then return daily to see if your combination has won. Launched in December 2016 so it's early days.
Facebook: 120 Twitter: 24 Biggest Win: 43 Rating: 4

Win A Dinner

Win A Dinner - 20

Another site from The FPL but this time you can win a free lunch. Site officially launches on the 14th Feb 2017.
Facebook: 27 Twitter: 233 Biggest Win: - Rating: -

Weekly Postcode Lottery

Weekly Postcode Lottery - ??? Main Prize

About to relaunch with a new site and features. No indication of winners or prizes on offer.
Facebook: 205 Twitter: 611 Biggest Win: ? Rating: 1

The Selfie Lottery

The Selfie Lottery - Closed!

After paying out over 10,000 The Selfie Lottery has now closed it's doors due to limited time and resources
Facebook: 1777 Twitter: 1060 Biggest Win: 290 Rating: 4

As you can see there's a large variety of lottery/raffle sites to visit daily. Our ratings are based on site quality, prizes, winner information and comparison to other sites. Ratings may change month to month.

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