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The German Lottery is known as the 6aus49 and it plays twice a week on a Wednesday and Saturday. Players are required to select six numbers from 49 and a further bonus ball number between 1 and 9 (the Superzahl). To win players must match at least two balls and the Superzahl. Typically prize money for the Wednesday is around ?1 million and ?2 million on a Saturday. As in the UK if the jackpot isn't won then the prize money rolls over!

German Lottery Fixed Odds

1 Ball
2 Balls
3 Balls
4 Balls
5 Balls

You don't need to be in Germany to play the lotto. You can bet on the results at a number of UK bookmakers. The above show the fixed odds for The German Lottery based on a 6 ball draw (not including the bonus number) from Lottoworld at Coral and Betfred. Note that betting involving the bonus ball is not available.

As ever it's always worth checking different bookmakers before casting a bet. For example Paddy Power offer 6/1 for one matching one number but 60/1 for two. For three balls it's the same as Coral (650/1) but at four they're down to 7200/1 vs 8000/1. Paddy Power also don't allow bets on matching 5 numbers.

Betfred however offer 66/1 for two balls, 700/1 for three and 10000 for four. Coral only become competitive when you play five balls as they offer 150,000/1 compared to Betfred's 100,000/1. With fixed odd lottos it does pay to shop around if you're making bets above predicting one ball correct. Results of the German Lotto can be found at all the sites mentioned.

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Bet On The German Lottery Results

The odds of winning if you play the German Lotto are 1 in 54 - matching two balls and the SZ number - whilst the odds of collecting the jackpot are almost 1 in 140 million!