Lottery Syndicates

One of the best ways to play the lottery is to join a syndicate. According to The National Lottery website "1 in 4 Lotto jackpots are won by a syndicate"! By pooling together your money you'll have extra lines each week in the various lottery draws. All you have to do is find some friends to syndicate with!

Start a Syndicate

To help you get started, The National Lottery site has a whole section dedicated to setting up your own syndicate. Just apply for the free syndicate kit online and get organised. The National Lottery also advise that you set up a syndicate agreement - just to avoid any problems should you hit the jackpot - and there's a template to use on the site too.

Alternative Lotto Syndicate Ideas

If you want to be in a syndicate, but don't have the time to organise one then sites like Matchmore Lotto offers a service that might be of interest. They claim to be the "smart way to play the National Lottery & Euromillions". You pay a fee each week and that gets you syndicated in a number of lotto lines. A couple of things to note though is that you will need to claim your winnings if you get lucky as it's not automatic and there's no information about prize distribution. By this we mean if your syndicate wins 10 or 50 or 3/4 ball lines.

Play Bingo For Free Lotto Lines

Another way to get in a lotto syndicate is by playing bingo. Rollover Bingo offer their players free Euromillions lotto lines when they spend money at the site. You get one free syndicated line for every 10 spent at Rollover, for example. If you get 3 balls or 4 balls drawn then the prize is paid as a bingo bonus. Five ball wins and above results in the cash jackpot being shared amongst the players.

Virtual World Direct

In 2011, The High Court put eLottery syndicate provider Virtual World Direct out of business as they claimed that subscribers "were enticed to subscribe by misrepresentation". More details can be found at The Mirror.

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