New York Lottery

The New York Lottery takes place every Wednesday and Saturday. It has more numbers than most other lottery games and requires the player to match 6 numbers from 59 to win the jackpot. The bonus ball number is drawn from the same pool of 59 numbers rather than an additional group. Bookmakers, including Paddy Power and Betfred offer books on the New York lottery. At Coral you can include the bonus ball in your bets.

New York Lottery Fixed Odds

Six Numbers
Seven Numbers
1 Ball
2 Balls
3 Balls
4 Balls
5 Balls

The above show the fixed odds for the New York Lottery thanks to Coral. The first set of numbers refers to a six number game, the second set is a seven number game - which includes the bonus ball. It's worth nothing that Paddy Power does not offer betting on the bonus ball. However, if you visit them then you'll also pick up the latest results.

We're guessing that the New York lottery doesn't feature on many bookies as the odds are not as favourable as the Irish or Spanish games.

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Bet On The New York Lottery Results

Although betting is limited to the Wednesday and Saturday games, The New York Lotto comprises more than just the two draws. Pick 10 for example is played daily whilst Sweet Million is drawn every Monday and Thursday.