Spanish Lottery Results

Get the latest Spanish Lottery results. Every week Loquax gives you the numbers from recent Spanish Lottery draws and tells you how much you could have won!. Each week we'll be updating the results and also providing some information about how much you could have won had you placed a bet or if you'd used another gaming service.

Results now show the lottery numbers followed by the 'Complementario' ball (bonus ball) and 'Reintegro' ball. In addition the 'Joker' number is also shown.

Draw Date: 18th March

3514212843 23 6 8551989

Draw Date: 16th March

43839414549 47 0 7596550

Draw Date: 11th March

12228373943 44 0 2307688

Draw Date: 9th March

3424303644 21 8 4267743

Draw Date: 4th March

81725263848 4 2 8552472

Draw Date: 2nd March

222529414243 34 5 1753766

Draw Date: 25th February

2913273648 28 9 0441528

Draw Date: 23rd February

111217274248 5 0 1251087

Draw Date: 18th February

51519212939 43 1 8718603

Draw Date: 16th February

31625293540 5 7 6621714

Draw Date: 11th February

42236404347 5 4 6692533

Draw Date: 9th February

51830333745 8 7 5162546

These are the results for La Primitiva lottery. You can 6/1 for getting one number correct at Paddy Power, 60/1 for two correct numbers, 650/1 for three and 7200 for four. You are unable to bet on five correct numbers.

As we collate results for the Spanish Lottery we can share with you the hot and cold lotto numbers. These are the numbers which are cropping up the most and those that aren't as popular.

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