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Get the latest Spanish Lottery results. Every week Loquax gives you the numbers from recent Spanish Lottery draws and tells you how much you could have won!. Each week we'll be updating the results and also providing some information about how much you could have won had you placed a bet or if you'd used another gaming service.

Results now show the lottery numbers followed by the 'Complementario' ball (bonus ball) and 'Reintegro' ball. In addition the 'Joker' number is also shown.

Draw Date: 24th June

111421303940 29 7 7095476

Draw Date: 22nd June

31530373841 8 0 8611192

Draw Date: 17th June

31316212843 24 2 1528371

Draw Date: 15th June

3711202230 41 9 4216734

Draw Date: 10th June

181922293545 4 8 5710433

Draw Date: 8th June

192025323334 24 4 5033401

Draw Date: 3rd June

91213222343 40 9 7430613

Draw Date: 1st June

71026293337 6 9 6720121

Draw Date: 27th May

182526293039 44 5 9250822

Draw Date: 25th May

182128323442 7 4 5155285

Draw Date: 20th May

102425313236 48 9 3338148

Draw Date: 18th May

81516192747 10 5 4803437

Spanish Lottery Info

These are the results for the La Primitiva lottery. You can 6/1 for getting one number correct at Paddy Power, 60/1 for two correct numbers, 650/1 for three and 7200 for four. You are unable to bet on five correct numbers.

The results for the El Gordo Lottery are also available.

Popular Numbers

We've been collating results for the Spanish Lottery for sometime now and this allows us to share some interesting data. For example, the hot and cold lotto numbers are the numbers which are cropping up the most and those that aren't as popular. Our Spanish Lottery Stats also give you an insight into the most popular double, triple and even quadruple number combos.

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