Lotto Hot Picks Results

Get the latest Lotto Hot Picks results. Every week Loquax gives you the numbers from recent Lotto Hot Picks draws and tells you how much you could have won!. Each week we'll be updating the results and also providing some information about how much you could have won had you placed a bet or if you'd used another gaming service.

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Lotto Hot Picks Info

Unfortunately we couldn't find any site where you can bet on the outcome of Lotto Hot Picks. However, the game offers you the chance to win prizes by matching just one ball. You get 5 for one ball, 40 for two numbers and higher sums for three and four numbers. The odds for getting three numbers is given as 922/1. You can play every Saturday and Wednesday.

Popular Numbers

We've been collating results for the Lotto Hot Picks for sometime now and this allows us to share some interesting data. For example, the hot and cold lotto numbers are the numbers which are cropping up the most and those that aren't as popular. Our Lotto Hot Picks Stats also give you an insight into the most popular double, triple and even quadruple number combos.

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