El Lotto & El Gordo Spanish Lottery

The Spanish Lottery consists of three mains draws - Primitivia, Bonolotto and El Gordo. Primitivia, which takes place every Thursday and Saturday, is the one online bookies use to offer fixed odds to players looking to bet on the outcome of the lotto. It's another 6 balls from 49 lottery - plus a bonus ball number. When betting online you're only able to bet on up to 5 numbers.

You can see the latest La Primativia Results here on Loquax.

Spanish Lottery Fixed Odds

Six Numbers
Seven Numbers
1 Ball
2 Balls
3 Balls
4 Balls
5 Balls

The fixed odds above are Spanish Lottery odds from Betfred. They refer to six numbers and seven numbers (including the bonus ball). Betfred do offer better odds than Coral on this book. For example Coral only give 53/1 and 38/1 for two balls compared to 66/1 and 40/1 above at Betfred. At 4 balls you can get 10000/1 from Betfred but only 8000/1 from Coral. Those differences could have a massive effect on your winnings should your numbers come up.

As well as betting on the numbers drawn, Bet365 offer markets on bonus ball number and the total value of the numbers drawn.

El Lotto is a daily Spanish lottery game that you can play daily. Pick 2, 3 or 4 balls from 49 to take part. You can win 60, 600 or 6000 for a 1 stake.

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