Australian Lottery Statistics - 2015

As well as showing you the hot and cold numbers for the Australian Lottery, we've also been crunching the numbers to generate some stats about number popularity. Which numbers make the most regular occurrences in the draws?

Below you'll find the most popular single numbers, most popular couples and triples drawn. These results are based on our own set of data.

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Most Popular Single Numbers

16 Drawn 14 Times
29 Drawn 12 Times
1 Drawn 11 Times
24 Drawn 11 Times
27 Drawn 11 Times
32 Drawn 11 Times
38 Drawn 11 Times
39 Drawn 11 Times

Most Popular Pairs

2913 Drawn 4 times
2915 Drawn 4 times

Most Popular Triplets

No results returned

Most Popular Quadruplets

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