Other Win A House Competitions

We are aware of the following property raffles that are currently running in The UK but have decided to not include them within our reviewed and featured section. Why do sites end up here? As our coverage of these competitions has increased we've discovered that some sites do not wish to be reviewed, some don't like our reviews and others aren't just don't meet our standards for inclusion (e.g. no terms, poor payment options, confusing competitions). To maintain our records of house competitions we will therefore include them here, but not provide links, reviews or options to comment. Sites below can in time be moved to the main section.

3 Not Featured House Competitions

Homestar House Of Your Choice

Closed: 31st December 2021 - Cost: £5.00 - Value: 500,000

Homestar are offering the chance to win up to 500,000 to spend on a house of your choice or you can take a cash alternative. This company also ran a similar property raffle on Raffall and didn't like our review about that competition.

Win A Tuscany House

Closed: 4th December 2021 - Cost: £9.00 - Value: 1,000,000

Angelo Gagliardi is offering a house worth 1.2million Euros in this Raffall competition. Tickets cost 9 and 120,000 tickets need to be sold. There's so few details on the page that we don't feel we can include it.

Home Competitions

Closed: 31st July 2021 - Cost: £2.99 - Value: 350,000

Join the members club and pay a monthly fee for the chance to win house prizes. A 350,000 flat in Surrey was originally offered for Jan 2021 but now moved to July 2021. The site requires 200,000 members before the house can be won!