Competition Listing Terms & Conditions

Loquax offers competitions/prize draw organisers the opportunity to list their promotions for free provided the following terms and conditions are met:

  • The competition is free to enter
  • The competition is open to UK Residents
  • The competition has a clear closing date and rules
  • The competition is not run by a gambling site (indirect or direct)
  • The competition does not require users to vote for you in order to enter
  • The competition does not require users to sign up for a third party offer
  • The competition is not for lead generation (e.g. MyOffers)
  • The competition is not being run by a competitor (portal, agency or other)
  • The prizes are not discounts
  • The prizes are not timeshare holidays or require admin payments from winners

All posts on our forum are open to moderation. If we feel there is an issue with a site and/or competition then we reserve the right to remove the post. We also reserve the right to disallow any promoter access to using our site. The terms listed above and below are guidelines, but we can make exceptions. Please contact us to discuss.

Reciprocal Links To Loquax

As a thanks for using our free listing service we would be most appreciative if you could provide us with a reciprocal link. A link to our homepage or competitions section would be perfect. If you're unable to offer a reciprocal link, then a mention of Loquax on either Twitter or Facebook is also appreciated.

Sites We Won't List

Loquax will not accept free listing promotions from free gift incentive sites, 'bid' auction/raffle sites, payday loan sites, bingo portals, gambling sites or third party lead generation services. We may also reject your site if we feel that it's taking advantage of our free service (e.g. surveying our users to pick up information about comping) and/or infringing on revenue streams of the site.

Win A House Competitions

Win A House competitions can be posted to the forum provided they offer a free entry route. All other Win A House competitions should be emailed to the siteowners for listing in our dedicated section.

Other Buy a Ticket Competitions/Raffles

Raffles or Buy a Ticket competitions will not be accepted for free listing on Loquax's forum. Raffle or Buy a Ticket competitions include those that offer cars, expensive prizes and that require a user to purchase a ticket (out of a fixed number) in order to enter the competition.

Exceptions can be made but this will be at the sole discretion of the site owners.

Affiliate Site Terms

If your site is a shopping directory or a collection of affiliate offers or an affiliate marketing mailing list aggregator, please do not be surprised if your competition is removed from Loquax. If your competition requires users to register through an affiliate link, click a banner, search a paid inclusion search engine, pops under a website via affiliate codes (or indeed anything that forces a user to click) then it will be removed.

SMS Competitions

SMS entry competitions are welcome on the forums in the relevant sections provided the contests are being run by a bona-fide brand/company. However, competitions that involve multiple SMS messages or costs that are expensive to enter will be removed at our descretion.

Competitor Site Terms

If your site competes or potentially competes with Loquax in anyway please do not be surprised if your competition is not permitted to be on Loquax. We are happy to work with sites within the offers/competitions/gaming community, however this will be only on a selective basis only.

Posting your competition on our forums is not a guarantee that it will remain on Loquax. We reserve the remove your competition, and reserve the right to not enter into discussion regarding this matter.