Why Run A Competition Or Prize Draw?

Competitions and prize draws have been used to promote brands and businesses for years, but why should you run one?

5 Good Reasons To Run a Competition

  • To attract visitors to your website or social media page
  • To promote a special offer, sponsor or products.
  • To build a mailing list/newsletter/social following.
  • To reward your userbase.
  • To generate revenue for your website.

Getting traffic to your site is an essential part of being online. By offering people the chance to win something, you can generate interest in your business! A competition can mean more visits and hopefully more customers, provided you run your competition effectively.

Every visitor to your site is a potential customer - whether they're buying something from you or you're simply data collecting.

Having a newsletter is a great way to communicate with your users - what better way to encourage people to join your mailing list by offering them an incentive? And don't forget rewarding new visitors is good but it's also important to reward loyalty - so don't forget your regulars!

It's also possible to monetise competitions - so a competition can be used to generate revenue. Perhaps you can be paid to collect data or charge a sponsor a fee for promotion?

For some siteowners though running a competition is purely about link building and search engine optimisation! SEOMoz have written a good article about competitions and SEO which is well worth looking into!

Before we continue, ask yourself "why do I want a competition"?

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