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Click Competitions gives you the chance to win tech, cars and cash prizes from as little as 99p a ticket. The cash competitions have no minimum entries and prizes are guaranteed. All draws are done live on Facebook using a random number generator.

Click Competitions

Featured Prizes: Cars, Cash, Tech

Launched: 2020

Free Entry Available: Yes - See Terms For Details

Payments: Online Payments

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Click Competitions launched in 2020 and have created a large number of prize winners. There's little information on the site about the owners/company but their Facebook page does say that their mission is: to give entrants the chance to win "performance cars, the latest technology & cash prizes at a cost that will blow your mind". The site boasts a number of current prizes with ticket prices ranging from 99p up to 19.99. Prizes (April 2021) include Mercedes A Class AMG, Ford Focus ST-3, Audi S3 and a Nissan Quashqai. A 10,000 cash prize is also on offer at just 99p a ticket.

How To Enter Click Competitions

To enter a draw at Click Competitions you first need to choose your prize. After that it's a case of answering a multiple choice question and selecting the number of tickets you wish to purchase. You won't be told whether your answer is right or wrong so do make sure you're 100% with answers before going on to purchase. You will need to register/logged in to complete the purchase. All players can earn Click Cash points with every entry and these points can be used for discounts on future prize draws. You get 100 points for every 1 played and 2000 click cash points represent a 1 discount.

Click Competitions Winners

All prizes are guaranteed and no extensions are involved. In other words the prizes are dished out regardless of how many tickets are sold. Most of the prize draws are as you'd expect from a "raffle" style site - with limited numbers of tickets on offer. However the cash prizes are different. There are no minimum entries so the cash will be awarded whatever happens. However there doesn't seem to be any maximim entries either as the cash competition is the only one not showing how many tickets have actually been sold. With respect to the tangible prizes most do seem to offer a cash alternative.

Winners of the draws are selected using a random number generator and all draws are conducted live via Facebook. The videos show a spreadsheet of entries and the draws are conducted with Google's number generator. Winners are listed on the website with details of the prize and tickets sold - but only for the car prizes. What we can see from this info is that they regularly sell plenty of tickets! Unusually the winners pictures don't link through to any Facebook Lives or entry lists. This isn't necessarily a problem but it's nice to tie everything together.

Our Verdict

Click Competitions is slowly growing an audience and boasts 40,000 Facebook followers. It also has over 1000 reviews on Trustpilot and as of April 2021 99% of them are excellent. They don't have any 1 or 2 star reviews which is pretty impressive for this kind of site. Although the site lacks any responsible play messages there are limitations on the number of tickets that can be purchased per competition. This limitation varies depending on the prize and ticket price.

Overall there does seem to be a lot to like here. The ticket prices are very cheap when compared to other brands but they are selling and prizes are being won. We like the fact that prizes are guaranteed and that closing dates are just moved on week after week. This could of course can be put down to having an active audience but kudos to Click for getting themselves into that position. A bit more effort with respect to responsible play and better linking up of their winners page to draws/entries would be perfect additions.

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Raffle and skill competitions can be expensive and addictive. Only wager if you can afford to lose. Sites like Click Competitions are not regulated in the same way as other UK gambling sites. Please play responsibly.

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