Omaze Competitions Review is a worldwide raffle style site that raises money for charity by offering incredible experiences. Originally UK entrants could enter the worldwide giveaways but that seems to be no longer the case. Omaze UK now focuses on luxury property prizes and you can enter online without making a contribution to good causes.

Omaze Competitions

What Prizes Can You Win: Luxury Houses

When Was Omaze Competitions Launched: 2012

Can You Enter For Free: Yes - See Terms For Details

Our Rating Out Of 5:

About Omaze Competitions

Omaze was launched in 2012 by Ryan Cummins and Matthew Pohlson. Based in Los Angeles the company is well known for offering out of this world prizes whilst raising money for good causes. The prizes on offer at Omaze are incredible. At time of writing (August 2020) you could win a dream sprinter van, Kenyan Safari, $100,000 dollars, a trip to Bora Bora and a custom ICON FJ44 Land Cruiser amongst many other giveaways. Each competition is designed to support various good causes and these are indicated. To enter simply select the prize you'd like to win and click through to the competition page. Here you'll find more details about what's on offer and which charity is benefitting from the promotion.

How To Enter Omaze Competitions

To enter any Omaze competition all you need to do is purchase tickets and get yourself into the prize draw. Simply select how much you wish to spend and then purchase as though you're buying from an online store. There are no questions to answer. There's usually a bit of a discount if you choose to purchase tickets in bulk. If you prefer to enter a draw without spending money then each competition does have a free entry route. This is online at so you simply need to fill in your details to gain your entry. Look for "enter without contributing" on the competition page. Each free entry is automatically assigned 2000 entries. Note that UK entrants can no longer enter via and the UK version of the site only offer a postal NPN route.

Omaze Winners

The closing dates on Omaze are fixed in stone and the prizes are awarded regardless of the number of tickets sold. None of the competitions indicate how many tickets have been sold which is a frustration. There is however an extensive winners page showing images of lucky entrants enjoying their prizes. However we can't see any transparency with respect to entrants, draw details or live videos showing the draw taking place. The unique selling point of Omaze, and why there are so many incredible prizes on offer, is that the site supports good causes. However it's important to understand how things work. For every $1 that you spend on the site 70% will go towards the prize fund. The remainder is split between the good cause and the company (15% each). Given that the site says "donate $10" when you click to enter a competition it might mislead some people into thinking they are donating the full amount. As is the good cause is actually only receiving $1.50! Omaze say that they have raised $130million for good causes but the site lacks in depth details.

Our Verdict

There's no doubt that the prizes on offer at are incredible. However it's disappointing that UK entrants are no longer able to get involved. Thankfully there's the Omaze Win A House competitions which are still continuing and creating guaranteed winners. However we still would like to see the number of tickets sold with respect to each competition and a lot more transparency when it comes to drawing winners and showing the details online. A free entry online route is great but it does make us wonder how Omaze can afford this option versus the paid one. In our experience - given the option - people will always go free versus paying. Another issue that concerns us is that the call to action clearly states "donate x" but this isn't the case. In our view the percentage donation isn't well documented or made clear. Details can be read in the terms at the foot of each competition page but how many people will check out those details? That said you can't argue with a site that's working well and creating winners.

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