Fleetwit is open worldwide but they've recently targeted The UK by roping in Rachel Riley. You're invited to play trivia quizzes to win cash prizes. There are free games but most require payment to play.


Website: https://www.fleetwit.com

Status: Open

Platforms: Apple

Launched: 1st May 2018

Prizes: 1.00 (Free Entry Available)

Payments: In App Purchases

Currently Fleetwit is only available for Apple users. An Android version was expected in September 2018 but has yet to materialise. Once downloaded, you're invited to register for Fleetwit. We found this process a little bit more faffy than other quiz apps. In addition, it's not entirely clear what's going on once you've registered.

Trivia Races

Fleetwit is a series of quizzes that take place versus other players. New players get access to a free game for the chance to win $1! During the quiz you're required to get the multiple choice question correct in the fastest time. Get it wrong and you can try again, but you don't score as many points. At the end of the quiz the winner is the player with the most points (based on answers and speed).

Unlike other apps, Fleetwit does require payments. 80 credits will cost you $20 whilst 200 credits cost $50. The price per game varies from quiz to quiz. Most seem to cost 4 credits but we did find some Sports quizzes where buy-in is 320 credits. The higher the buy-in then the bigger the prize on offer.

Rachel Riley

Back in May 2018, Fleetwit recruited Rachel Riley to give the app a boost in The UK. According to reports she participates in a live quiz every Thursday. Players can take on Riley for the chance to win cash prizes, but if she wins then the prize goes to charity.

It's unclear if that particular quiz is still running or if something has replaced it. The Fleetwit app - in our view - isn't particular helpful. Playing the quiz games is good fun, but the fact that you have to pay to play may put off many compers looking for free chances to win cash prizes.

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