Q Live

Q Live is the daily trivia game where you can win real money. It comes from The Sun and offers two chances to win on weekdays (1pm and 8pm) and once at the weekend (8pm). Prizes can be as high as 10,000!

Q Live

Website: https://www.q-live.co.uk/

Status: Open

Platforms: Apple/Android

Launched: 1st July 2018

Prizes: 500.00 (Free Entry Available)

The Q Live app is available for both apple or android. Once downloaded you're requested to register via Facebook or your mobile number. The latter is very simple as a verification code is sent to you. Once verified you just need a username to start playing the quizzes.

Answer 12 Questions

Like other trivia apps, you'll be asked questions during the game. Answer the multiple choice question right and you go on to the next round. Get it wrong and you're eliminated. However if you have extra lives then you can play on. Extra lives can be collected by referring friends/family to the game. There are 12 questions to answer and you have 10 seconds per question to answer.

Prizes are pretty decent with Q Live. The 1pm game currently offers a 500 prize whilst it's 1000 in the evening. They have been known to offer up to 10,000 in special off quizzes too. In addition there's also a leaderboard prize for the person who collects the most points each week. Note that you will need a Paypal account to receive payments if you're lucky enough to win.

Celebrity Hosts

To add to the fun, occasionally Q Live will also rope in some guests - Nick Hewer from Countdown and Gemma Collins have both recently appeared on the quiz show.

Note that Q Live is a UK triva quiz game show. There's another app called The Q-Live Trivia Game Show and this is an American version. We're unsure if they're connected but there's a lot of similarities. Just make sure you're playing the right one.

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