Loquax - Other Sites We Own!

Over the years we've experimented with other sites and ideas - some have worked, some are best forgotten. Loquax.co.uk takes up a lot of our time and resources, but that doesn't mean it's all Loquax Ltd is about.

When we took the decision to take our business focus away from competitions many compers expect us to be finished, but then they had no idea what we as a company did beyond the competitions sector. In the 21+ years we've been online we've tried many different things, promoted a lot of products and had a lot of fun along the way.

White Labels

We currently have two bingo white label sites. These are sites that are managed and operated by a third party, but we're responsible for driving players to the sites.

Our Dragonfish powered brands, Bingo House, Prize Bingo and Loquax Bingo closed during 2018 and 2019. Clucky Bingo closed and was absorbed into Slots Gold also during 2018.


As well as keeping this site up to date, we also run the gambling portals at Penny Bingo and Spins.co.uk. We did used to have other sites in this area, for example The Free Bingo Site and UK Casinos Online, but recent changes in legislation plus compliance requirements dictated that we could no longer maintain every site to the required standard.

Gone .. And Best Forgotten

Away from bingo we have also been responsible for inflicting several other sites on the internet world. Some worked well for a short time, whilst others are best left forgotten about. Some of the better ones included Zombie Camp, Buy Televisions, Buy Insurance, Apply For Credit, Fight Climate Change, Car Experience Days! Other sites we created have long since fallen from grace (and Google).

How we ever found time to look after so many things we'll never ever know!

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