Win A House Ireland Competitions - Properties To Be Won In Ireland

There have been a number of win a house competitions for Irish properties and some have been successful. The format for Irish house raffles tends to be different to The UK in so much you have to join a social club to enter. Some of these competitions are not open to UK residents. However more recently a number of properties have bee listed on the Raffall platform. As this is a UK site this means the competitions are open to UK players. Ticket prices tend to be higher for these competitions but for some reason they do seem to be successful even when the ticket target is considerably more than the property valuation.

11 Open Competitions - Overseas Properties

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Win A Donegal House

Closes: 30th August 2021 - Cost: £25.00 - Value: 400,000

A four bedroomed detached family home located on a half acre site and situated on the Donegal/Derry border in Ireland is the prize on offer in this competition. The contest is hosted on Raffall and tickets cost 25 each.

Win Country House Waterford

Closes: 4th September 2021 - Cost: £15.00 - Value: 375,000

You could become the new owner of a 4 bedroom detached country house close to Waterford City, Ireland, if you win this property competition. It's another addition to the popular Raffall platform and tickets will cost you 15 each.

Win This House Ireland

Closes: 22nd September 2021 - Cost: £20.00 - Value: 260,000

It's Ireland again and this time you have the chance to win a 3 bedroom property with sea views in County Waterford. It's described as the ideal holiday home and tickets cost 20 each. The competition is being hosted on Raffall.

Win The Fivealley Inn

Closes: 30th September 2021 - Cost: £10.00 - Value: 400,000

The The Fivealley Inn in County Offaly which comes with Bar/Restaurant & Guest accommodation is the prize on offer in this win a property competition. Running on the Raffall platform you could become a new business owner in Ireland for just 10 a ticket.

House In Sligo Town

Closes: 1st October 2021 - Cost: £9.00 - Value: 180,000

Another property in the Sligo area of Ireland is up as a prize on Raffall. This time you could become the new owner of a 3 bedroom semi detached home in Maugheraboy, Sligo. It will cost you 9 a ticket to enter.

Win A Dublin Penthouse

Closes: 31st October 2021 - Cost: £50.00 - Value: 1,300,000

A three bedroom penthouse apartment in Dublin is the stunning prize that you could win in this property contest. This particular apartment has even featured on TV but you'll need to be prepared to pay 50 a ticket if you'd like a chance to be the new owner.

Coastal Home In Delgany Wicklow

Closes: 31st October 2021 - Cost: £20.00 - Value: 200,000

A beautiful coastal property in Delgany, Greystones, Co Wicklow is on offer in yet another Ireland house competition being hosted via Raffall. For just 20 you could win a mortgage free fully funished property that's located 45 minutes south of Dublin.

Contemporary Home In Limerick

Closes: 12th November 2021 - Cost: £10.00 - Value: 300,000

The property on offer in this competition is a three bedroom fully furnished end of terrace family home in Limerick, Ireland. You could be living mortgage free if you win this contest that's being hosted on the Raffall platform. Tickets cost 10.

Win West Coast Home

Closes: 31st December 2021 - Cost: £20.00 - Value: 200,000

Sligo is again the location of yet another win a house in Ireland competition. It's your chance to win a property on the world famous Wild Atlantic Way for just 20. The prize also includes 10k in cash and the host aims to raise funds for the charity Pieta.

Dublin Home & Car

Closes: 28th February 2022 - Cost: £20.00 - Value: 600,000

It's back to Ireland for the latest addition to the Raffall collection of win a house contests. In this one you have the chance to become the new owner of a three storey property in Dublin. In addition the prize includes a Renault Kadjar and 10,000 cash prize.

Win A Luxury Limerick Home

Closes: 15th April 2022 - Cost: £50.00 - Value: 500,000

A fully furnished five bedroom home just ten minutes walk from Limerick city centre is on offer in this competition. The competition is being hosted on Raffall and it will cost you a whopping 50 a ticket if you'd like to try and win the house.