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There have been a number of win a house competitions for Irish properties and some have been successful. The format for Irish house raffles tends to be different to The UK in so much you have to join a social club to enter. Some of these competitions are not open to UK residents. However more recently a number of properties have bee listed on the Raffall platform. As this is a UK site this means the competitions are open to UK players. Ticket prices tend to be higher for these competitions but for some reason they do seem to be successful even when the ticket target is considerably more than the property valuation.

2 Open Competitions - Overseas Properties

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Win A Dublin Townhouse

Closes: 28th July 2022 - Cost: £20.00 - Value: 340,000

My Lovely Horse Rescue are offering you the chance to win a 3 Bedroom Townhouse located in the gorgeous Royal Canal Park in Dublin. It's worth over 400,000 and tickets cost 20 each. The competition is hosted on the Raffall platform.

Win A Victorian Home In Cork

Closes: 24th March 2023 - Cost: £50.00 - Value: 1,270,000

Here's your chance to win a special fully furnished Victorian property in the historical maritime town of Cobh Co. Cork Rep of Ireland. This B&B and holistic treatment business is worth over 1,500,000 and tickets cost 50 each. The competition is hosted on the Raffall platform.