Automated Competition Entries

Loquax has been campaigning to make compers and more importantly promoters aware of Automated Competition Entry Services. These sites can submit thousands of entries to a competition without the entrant ever visiting the site. The entrant pays for this service, but it means promoters don’t get visitors and prizes possibly given away to people who don’t even know about the competition.

A couple of years back it’s safe to say that one aspect of comping really riled us – automated competition entry services. We pretty much led the way in making compers and promoters aware of this spam that was essentially ruining a lot of competitions. Our blog Automated Competition Entry IPs & Emails: Updated Help […]

We’ve not blogged about automated entry services for a while so we thought we’d get back on the bandwagon. We want to make sure compers and promoters are aware that they’re still around and that they’re still piling in loads of entries. Those who sign up to such services also need to be aware too! […]

It’s been almost a year since we started blogging about automated competition entries and the effects that they have on online competitions. Over that time we’ve managed to reveal email accounts that organisers, agencies and promoters need to be on the look out for when it comes to making sure that their competitions are automated […]

It’s been an interesting month with regards to automated entries. There’s good news, some changes and some bad news. The good news is that we’re starting to see brands and promoters respond to the issue. We’ve had favourable feedback via Twitter, Facebook and email from a number of sites that have been targeted and we’re […]

We’ve not done a “did you get…” type blog post for a few months, so we thought as it’s a New Year we’d revisit and remind compers and promoters about the issue of automated entry services. Automated entry services are subscription sites where people pay to be entered into prize draws. A computer script then […]

We’ve not mentioned automated entries on the blog for a while, but that’s not to say we’re not still concerned about them. We still believe that all compers should be speaking out about automated entry services and that they should be banging on to promoters about them – especially when terms and conditions don’t take […]

Ever since we started revealing the names of sites/brands who appear on the “entered” lists of automated competition entry service sites a few things have happened. Firstly, promoters have started to add “no automated entries” to their rules and secondly the auto entry sites have started to “hide” their information. Given that they believe what […]

Compers may well be familiar with The Institute of Promotional Marketing (The IPM). They’re the people to turn to when a competition or promotion goes wrong. We contacted them recently regarding automated competition entry services. Back in 2009 (then as The ISP) they warned via Marketing Week that “fraudulent multiple entries is threatening online competitions […]

To end our first week of starting to let promoters know about automated entry competition services we’re having a spot the difference competition. It involves one of the sites, Prize Draw Centre. They’re the ones who seem to ignore competition terms and conditions about accepting automated entries! Anyway – here’s the competition! Image 1 – […]

Our campaign to get compers and promoters aware about automated entry services and how they impact comping is well underway. The good news, is that one of our competitors, Accolade Publishing, are getting behind it too. Plus compers are emailing promoters and already there’s been some positive feedback. We’re pleased to say that although a […]