Automated Competition Entries

Loquax has been campaigning to make compers and more importantly promoters aware of Automated Competition Entry Services. These sites can submit thousands of entries to a competition without the entrant ever visiting the site. The entrant pays for this service, but it means promoters don’t get visitors and prizes possibly given away to people who don’t even know about the competition.

This weekend we kicked off a campaign to get promoter’s to start including one simple line of text in their online prize draw rules. If they don’t already do so we want all sites that run online competitions to include “automated/bulk entries and entries from third parties are not permitted” as part of the terms […]

One thing that’s been a mild irritation to us since we started highlighting automated entry services here on Loquax is the lack of comment from other publications. Given that automated services impact upon sites like ourselves from a business level plus it impacts on the hobby of the very people who enjoy competitions you’d have […]

Our last blog about automated competition entry services featured Prize Draw Centre and who owns the business, but PDC are not the only company making a mockery of online comping (in our view). Two other sites (at least known) exist and they’re WeWin4U and Win24. The latter is the most well known possibly because they […]

After a short break, we’re back on the trail of those automated competition entry services and hoping to continue encouraging promoters to look out for them and for compers to make a stand against them. First a quick reminder – an automated competition entry service is paid by users to then go and enter competitions […]

We make no apologies for continuing our blogging on Automated Competition Entry Services, but this is a follow up to our Was Your Competition Targeted by Automated Entries in April. In our monthly round up blogs we comment mainly on two of the known Automated Competition Entry Services… a third which lists “a selection of […]

It’s time for another round up of sites that attracted automated competition entries last month. Hopefully, each and every month these lists will get smaller and smaller. Not because the competitions have been pulled, which potentially could happen, but because promoters have started to look under the bonnet of their promotions and are keen to […]

If you run an online competition then hopefully you’re keeping an eye out for automated competition entry services. We’ve already told you, thanks to Chocolate Reviews, about email accounts to look out for, but thanks now to Sixyplusurfers we have more details for you. Every month, Sixtyplusurfers run a lot of competitions. Most are entered […]

It’s almost a month since our Time To Ban Automated Entry Competition Services blog. A new month means a new list of competitions that these services entered for their members, and a new list for Loquax to publish. The sites listed have been targeted during March by Automated Competition Entry services – this means that […]

One of the things we’ve noticed since blogging about automated competition entry services is that comper’s seem unsure about what they are and perhaps a little oblivious to just how damaging they are to this hobby. Hopefully a few numbers and explanations will help spark a bit more annoyance and interest by compers and promoters […]

Earlier in the month we asked if it was time to ban automated competition entry services. These services are run by companies that get paid to enter competitions on behalf of people too lazy to visit websites and enter prize draws themselves. The entrant pays a monthly subscription and that’s it. They never visit a […]