Automated Competition Entries

Loquax has been campaigning to make compers and more importantly promoters aware of Automated Competition Entry Services. These sites can submit thousands of entries to a competition without the entrant ever visiting the site. The entrant pays for this service, but it means promoters don’t get visitors and prizes possibly given away to people who don’t even know about the competition.

Automated competition entry services are places where people can pay a site to enter competitions on their behalf. The sites “find” competitions and then using scripts automatically generate entries for these people. The entrants don’t visit the site, don’t know anything about the prize on offer and just sit waiting to hear of a win. […]

The Institute of Sales Promotion (ISP) have finally started warning promoters about cheating in online competitions. They have issued advice to companies that run competitions to tighten up their terms and conditions regarding entry restrictions due to increases in multiple entries. They say that multiple entries vary from the use of numerous email accounts right […]

So you spend hour after hour entering competitions, visiting sites and finding answers – how would you feel then if the prize was won by someone who’d never even visited the site and didn’t even know about the competition until a WEM (winning email) appears in their inbox? Not good I expect! Well, sadly folks […]