40,000 Frusli Fruit Bars to be Won… and a Malaysia Holiday!

Posted on: September 28th, 2010 by Jason 10 Comments

One of the biggest frustrations for many a comper is that they’re not winning anything. Usually that’s because the odds aren’t in their favour and with more and more people trying competitions it can be tough to get a winning email or envelope heading your way. One way to pick up a win though is to try those competitions that offer multiple prizes. They might not be biggies but it’s nice just to get that winning feeling.

Frusli Fruity Fun from Jordan’s have enlisted the help of celebrity bird twitcher and one third of The Goodies, Bill Oddie for their TV campaign. Clips from the campaign are also used in their weekly competition!

There are some great prizes on offer including a strawberry themed prize to Malaysia as the overall grand prize. There are Kitchenaid food mixers, Cath Kidston goodies and a year of Frusli bars for weekly winners. Plus there are also 5000 bars on offer each week, we think as instant win prizes.

The competition runs for 8 weeks so that means there are 40,000 Frusli bars to be won. OK, so a Frusli bar isn’t a big prize but it’ll give you something to nibble when entering other comps another day – and a Frusli bar won tastes a lot nicer than one you’ve bought (hopefully).

Despite the large number of prizes some of you won’t win, but don’t despair as you’ll still in the draw for the holiday and weekly giveaways. Note that only one entry will be accepted per entrant for each weekly prize draw – but at least you can try again next week (unless it’s week 8 and then you can’t)!

Win 1 of 40,000 Frusli Fruit Bars – and a Malaysia Holiday

  • jane2win2

    Thanks Jason,

    Just entered but didin’t win!

  • mogarry

    Thank you Jason,my Frusli bar is on it`s way

  • nrmsp104

    You can actually win up to three frusli bars a week, though you still only get one prize draw entry…

  • Belinda

    Thanks Jason, Just got a bar and an entry to the draw! Love you man…..your always looking at ways of keeping us from going quackers in the lean spells.

  • Patterry

    I’ve just won a bar, first prize for a couple of weeks so thanks Jason

  • libra100

    I’ve also won a Frusli bar.

    I agree that when there aren’t many prizes arriving it’s great to receive a snack bar, lipstick or cosmetic item.

  • MrsNipps

    A bar for me!

  • marcandal

    Just entered but nothing here 🙁

  • Kathi

    no bar this time but will try next week thanks

  • covequeen

    yummy i love muesli bars 🙂