£500,000 of Prizes Up for Grabs with Andrex

Posted on: April 30th, 2008 by Jason 8 Comments

The quality of competitions and prizes on offer in recent months has been raised by some compers, but few can grumble about the goodies on offer in the brand new Hello Softie game from Andrex. They’re giving away 916 prizes including a £25000 family car, 10 x Family Holidays to Orlando, 5 x cash prizes of £10,000 and 50 x 12 foot trampolines. A big thanks to Mars King Size for spotting the competition.

To take part you need to get 5 trivia questions right to earn 5 golden feathers. If you get a question wrong you lose a feather, but as this promotion is in association with MSN you’re giving access to help with the answers.

Answer 5 questions first

Once you’ve done your 5 questions you then move on to the instant win element of the competition. Select 3 panels from the 9 shown and if you match all three symbols then you’ve won the prize. If you don’t win you can always have another go!

Pick 3 from 9

With so many big prizes on offer this will no doubt attract a lot of interest. Interestingly Andrex have included a robot check CAPTCHA between the questions and instant win section, which is actually great to see.

The competition runs until the 17th August 2008.

  • joepenk

    This is great although after 6 attempts frustrating, I need a prize ha.

  • debbied

    Well it could be frustrating – after answering the questions the chance of getting three correct squares will be small..

  • afro.ho

    Hopefully there will be some loquat winners with this. I’m finding the bit where the puppy runs into the feather pile really irritating now though!

  • tiddles12


  • eleanorcroft

    AAAAAAGHHH this is driving me insane!! The questions are easy after a few goes, but what are the chances of picking three matching symbols?????! Sooooo frustrating but highly addictive!

  • lorrainebradford

    I think the puppy is really cute – but have only played once so far so imagine it could get annoying. I

  • starray

    So much work just for three goes!

  • JCB

    This will drive me mad. Questions are easy enough especially when you do them a couple of times. My problem is, once I have done them once and failed to get three identical boxes, when I do it again, the security identification fails to load and I cannot get another go. Does anyone else have this problem and is there any way to fix it?