Apple iPad 2 and Nintendo 3DS Competitions – No Queues!

Posted on: March 26th, 2011 by Jason 7 Comments

This week saw the launch of two “must have” gadgets. People queued (see the video below), some for hours, to get hold of the new Apple iPad 2 and the Nintendo 3DS console. But why queue for these gadgets which will be replaced in 12 months by the iPad 3 and 3DSi (possibly – we made this up, but you know what we mean) when you have the chance to win one for free?

To aid you in the your quest to get a new tablet or console we decided to ignore the queues and instead went in search of some competitions.

Win an Apple iPad 2

A search on Loquax (26th March) for iPad Prizes gives compers about 40 competitions to choose from. There’s a mix of iPads and iPad 2s – so be wary when entering. If you’re after an iPad 2 then make sure the promoter specifically is saying that’s what you’re going to get.

For example the latest T3 competition to celebrate the release of Killing Bono states iPad, whilst The Times 100 clearly indicates you can win an iPad 2.

Also on the iPad 2 bandwagon are News of the World, but be quick as their competition closes today (26th March), The Post Office and the wonderfully named Boehringer Ingelheim. Note the latter is a Facebook competition.

No sooner had we finished writing this blog than another iPad 2 competition appeared! This time Firebox are giving away not 1 but 2 iPad 2s! The competition is on Facebook and you have until the 18th April 2011 to take part.

We expect that eventually all iPad competitions will become iPad 2 competitions, but if you’re desperate for the iPad 2 you might want to check back in a month or so when the old iPad comps have filtered through.

Win a Nintendo 3DS

Surprisingly the new 3D console hasn’t generated too many competitions. Currently there are only three Nintendo 3DS prizes listed on Loquax. A quick look in the archives shows that there were a few more on offer pre-launch.

If you missed those then you’ll just have to console yourself (sorry) and try the following competitions – Game People, Ngamer and Rabbids Fan Club. The latter competition closes at the end of March by the way.

No doubt both these gadgets will feature in more competitions over the coming months. There’s no guarantee you’ll win one, but it’s nice to try and it’s a lot cheaper than buying!

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  • fluffywhite

    When iPad first came out i desperately wanted one – but didn’t want to buy one, months and months passed and i was no nearer winning one so stupidly bought one. Fair enough it was a great little machine but it was so small and hurt my eyes. I traded this in for a touch PC – its exactly like the iPad (without the apps) but much bigger. I wouldn’t go and buy the iPad2 after owning the first machine but winning one is a different matter. As for the 3DS we have DSiXL console’s in my household and again i wouldn’t go and buy the 3DS as it hurts my eyes and causes me headaches – but winning one is a different matter. Keep up the good work Loquax x

  • hary

    Well tried to win an ipad but hadn’t (yet) so hoping that i might have better luck with the ipad2. But given the choice, I’d rather win a 3DS and have even entered premium rate text comp to try and win 1.

  • libra100

    I have the ipad and it’s a great gadget. Prefer laptop though as there is no ‘flash’ on the ipad and it’s not as useable as a computer.

    My son went out and bought the new Nintendo console. It has 3D and is a fantastic console. Definitely worth winning!

  • denlake

    Call me old fashioned but it sickens me a bit to see what appears to be greedy grabbing for the latest version of everything and the developers launching things in some cases before they are clearly ready and are then ready to launch the next “upgraded” version almost straight away. It does smack of this consumerist society we live in. My case in point is that I bought a phone that is technologically fabulous, when my old phone had bit the dust – within months they have brought out a HD version, I can’t see many benefits of the new version and is HD so necessary on a tiny screen – sometimes I think people just want things to have the latest version rather than the fact they are significantly technologically superior, it all feels a bit wasteful – going to shut up now as I sound like Victoria Meldrew !

  • helenwarrener

    loving denlakes comment i would like some of the new technology but have no intention of buying any if i win one then thats great if i don’t then i’ll just keep trying but it would probably be pinched off me by the son or hubby

  • marymod

    Much the same as the others – I don’t queue unless I absolutely have to and this wouldn’t for a ‘gadget’. I was however lucky enough to win an iPad2 with The Sunday Times, as wouldn’t or couldn’t justify buying one.

  • woodie53

    I agree with what most are saying I could never afford to but certain gadgets so I comp for them instead,
    I agree there are to many automated comping going on where people sign up and floods the comp with multiple entries it should only be individual entries.
    I’ve had a bit of success in winning a iPad and just today I’ve won a brand new 3DS from @PriceRunner via twitter.