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Posted on: December 14th, 2011 by Jason 4 Comments

How would you like to do a Bank Job? Don’t worry you won’t need a balaclava, getaway driver or a watertight alibi just in case but you will need to be able to play an online game. The Bank Job is a brand new TV quiz show from Channel 4 that is coming to our screens in 2012. However, if you fancy being on the show you need to get involved now.

The Bank Job

The reason for this is that the only way to get an application form for The Bank Job is by playing the online game. First off you will need to register with the site – they ask for your email address, age, location etc. With the formalities over with you’re then free to play The Bank Job.

The game has a practice element and a tournament element. You need to win two tournament matches in order to break the vault and apply to be on the programme. You’ll also have the chance to win a £10,000 prize.

Playing is pretty easy! You and an opponent get locked in a vault and take it in turns to answer questions against the clock. Get a question right and your clock stops. You then choose a cash box to open – you “win” the amount inside the box. Your opponent then does the same.

When you have cash in your bag you can opt to leave the vault or fight on against your opponent. Be warned though as some of the cash boxes contain a “steal” button – meaning your opponent takes all your cash and you’re back to £0. You can’t leave the vault without any money so you have to play on.

The Bank Job

The aim is to leave the vault with more money than your opponent and with time still on the clock. If you manage to do that then you’re the winner of the head to head!

If you fancy giving it a try then head over to The Bank Job at Channel 4. You have until 9am on the 4th January to become an Elite player (you have won two matches during tournament play) and therefore apply to be on the show and enter the prize draw to win £10,000.

Having played the practice games a couple of times it’s actually quite good! You need to know a bit of general knowledge, hope your opponent gets stuck and pray that you’re lucky opening the boxes. I’ve not tried the tournament games but might take a look another time.

If you do decide to apply for the TV show then do take a look at how it will work. The show will go out over a number of nights and each night four players will enter a bank vault with safety deposit boxes filled with real money. One winner leaves with a briefcase full of cash – the other three go home empty-handed.

At the end of the week all the winning players return to the vault where they can play for all the money that has been picked up in the previous shows. It could be, as the programme makers hope, the ultimate heist!

Apply To Be On The Bank Job

  • bee35

    I’m signed up and a big fan already.
    I’ve achieved ‘Elite’ status and played lots of tournament games ‘live’ online – it’s really good fun if you like general knowledge competitions with the added bonus of winning virtual cash against your opponents.
    Have to admit – I’m hooked on it! In fact, I’ve just signed off from today’s live tournament session and I’ll be back logged on to the Bank Job tomorrow evening.

  • suroben

    I’ve just wasted 2 hours doing this. I’ve smacked my wrist and vowed to stay away until the advents are over. I’m not sure if I will last out though.

  • LaLupa

    This is not as easy as it seems. Not sure if I was playing against a person or computer, but couldn’t even win one game even though I got the questions right!

  • stevenjcoopes

    Notice no contestant on the Bank job is aged over 40. I am sure some 40+ contestants have applied. Shame on Channel 4 Age Discrimination.