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Posted on: October 17th, 2011 by Jason 1 Comment

If you love taking photos and like entering competitions then why not combine both with the app that’s called Appysnap. Appysnap is a free mobile app for iPhone and Android. Once downloaded, a player can receive ‘missions’ at any time of day – each mission is to take a snap of a particular place, person or theme within a time limit.

Appysnap Appysnap

Missions vary! For example the current one is called Coffee Lover. To complete the mission you need to snap yourself or a friend enjoying a coffee in your favourite cafe!

In return for completing missions, players are picked at random to receive prizes (Kindles, iPods, gift certificates etc) or points. Monthly prizes are given to players with the most points, and also to the players who take the most popular photos – players can view missions galleries and rate their favourite snaps.

To encourage more people to take a look, Appysnap is giving away a Macbook Air in October. Every time a player successfully completes a mission this month (there are around 10 missions a week) they’ll receive an entry into the prize draw. At the end of the month, one entry will be picked at random and win the Macbook Air.

The more times a player enters a mission, the more chance they have of winning.

Appysnap has the potential to be quite a fun addition to the competition world. All you need to take part is to download the free app and get snapping when the missions crop up.

We’d like to see more prize opportunities, but perhaps they will come with things like sponsored missions. Also it’d be great to have some community type features – for example people tagging themselves as Loquax Appysnappers!

Anyway if you like using your mobile’s camera and fancy the chance to win prizes then get Appysnap uploaded and start taking part in the missions.

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  • hodsey77

    I mentioned Appysnap a while ago on the Blog when the Photobox photo competition was running… I absolutely love it and have been lucky enough to win one of the monthly competitions so far. I’m also going to the Xmas bash in December 😀

    It really does start taking over your life when you are on for a win, but it is great fun to play.

    There are sponsored missions already, and spot prizes of TGI Fridays and Amazon vouchers have been made.

    Can’t wait to see more people playing – there’s a good Apoysnap community going on Twitter 🙂