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Earlier this week we received an email from camera and digital accessory store Picstop. They wanted us to know about their new photography competition. We had a quick look around but with it being a photo entry competition and it appearing to have a voting element included we wanted to check a few things out first. And it’s good news because Picstop most certainly want the best photo to win.

Hampton Court Palace

The competition theme is Architecture. To help you, Picstop have told us that they’re looking for nothing less than quality images and perhaps something with a unique view. So have a think about that before submitting your entry. If you already have a photo that possibly fits the bill then you’re welcome to enter it. The images can be from anywhere, any city, any country and any location.

The main stipulation is that it’s your photo!

When you’ve uploaded your photo to the competition you’ll find that there’s a voting system in place. Don’t panic! According to our reports, the competition is being judged by Picstop. It seems that they are away that people could try to manipulate the votes.

This does make us wonder why the voting system is in place at all, but perhaps it may be used to help spot genuinely quality entries? People can make one vote a day by the way.

Some entrants may be concerned about “how will they judge loads of entries”. Hopefully Picstop will give the same consideration to all entries, but if you look through yourself on a first glance quite often it’s easy to spot a few stand out entries… especially if you have set criteria on which to base judgement.

Another concern for some is amateur versus pro-entries. A quick look through and you can quickly spot those who are good at their craft and perhaps also know about computer manipulation techniques. However, sometimes the best photos are those that are left untouched. Don’t be afraid to go head to head with the “experts”.

The prize is a Samsung NX11 Camera, described to us as the “new mirror-less compact digital camera with a large image sensor, electronic viewfinder and interchangeable lenses and is intended to bridge the gap between a small compact and large DSLR”.

The closing date is 28th February 2012, so plenty of time to get your photos together.

Picstop Photo Competition

If you like take photos and fancy a challenge then make sure you’re following Photobox as next week from midday on the 25th November it’s Photobox Live 2. That means 24 1 hour photo challenges for the chance to win some great prizes, but more importantly have a lot of fun too.

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  • flumpypup

    I’ve given it a go, thanks for telling us about the comp!