Barclaycard Waterslide Challenge Winning Video

Posted on: April 30th, 2009 by Jason 7 Comments

Back in February we told you about the Barclaycard Waterslide Challenge Competition where you could win a holiday of a lifetime by creating a video based on the famous waterslide TV advert. There were just 41 entries to the competition and the winner was this brilliant effort by Tea & Cheese.

According to a report in The NMA 43,000 votes were cast and the media agency looking after the promotion “had achieved better-than-expected results”.

When you look at the quality of the winner it becomes quite evident that you do need some technical skill and a good idea to really impress the viewers when it comes to video competitions. You also need a lot of time and patience putting together your video so perhaps it’s no wonder there’s only a handful of entries.

Perhaps the challenge was just too difficult? Whilst the Barclaycard Waterslide Contest attracted 41 entries with a round the world trip as a prize, Firebox’s Morph Animation competition, which closes 30th April, has attracted 105 entries for a signed sketch.

We’ll be watching out for the winner of that competition very soon!

  • MrsJustlucky

    I would of prefer a loquax winner, with made effort with watering can, slide and mad kids on tap..Is this not what’s its all about a bit of fun..

  • I thought the winning entry was clever, very well done and very funny. A worthy winner.

    And who’s to say the winners don’t use Loquax?

  • julie7davis

    I thought it was very clever and funny also – well done tea and cheese

  • missblastoff

    Brilliant! You can see that loads of work went into that and it’s fantastically retro!

  • minipenguin

    I entered! Most of their votes came from forums I think it could have been a loquax winner if people had been allowed to ask for votes here, completely understand the reasoning behind the rule as well!

  • jonathon1486

    I entered it was called ‘water way around the world’ it was basic and i knew we’d never win but decent odds nonetheless….still got our vid on the front page of youtube for a day which felt cool! The winning video was very good probably media/film students i suspect 🙂

  • lightworker

    Tea and cheese are worthy winners – my two sons who make animations explained the tech behind this and I can see why only 41 entries came in. It takes a lot of time and dedication, apart from talent and a great imagination to make something of this standard.
    Have a great trip!