Be a Contestant On The Millionaire Drop, Channel 4’s New Show

Posted on: May 24th, 2010 by Jason 4 Comments

The Million Pound Drop starts tonight (24th May) at 10pm and runs all this week. Davina McCall will oversee this live game show which gives contestants a chance to win a cool million simply by answering eight questions. At the start of the game the player is given £1million and then has to place the money on the answer.

If they guess right the money falls to the next level and they play on. There are options to spread the cash on different answers to hedge your bets, but that will lose in a loss in some of the money. It’s up to the player to decide how much they wish to risk on each round. The ultimate aim though is to win the million.

The good thing about this programme, which you can play along with online at Channel 4, is that you could become a contestant this week! Look out for drop codes that will appear on the show, via Twitter (@the1mpounddrop) and Facebook and then head to the official Millionaire Drop website to enter the code. If you enter the code at the right time you’ll be given the opportunity to apply to take The Million Pound Drop.

Some compers like the idea of TV gameshows, but getting on them can be a long winded and difficult. That’s not to say this process willbe easy. Currently there are almost 6000 Facebook fans and 1000 Twitter followers and we’d expect that by the end of the show a fair few people will have tried the entry process.

That said it’s worth a try. It’d be great if a Loquax user was picked as a player and even better if they ended up a millionaire.

You can also play a version of the game online at Bet365 Games.

If you like the idea of winning competitions then make sure you sign up with us at Loquax where you’ll find loads of free prize draws, bingo bonuses, offers and discounts.

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  • Tonight’s drop code is DROP1 – you have until midnight to enter at The Million Pound Drop official site.

  • Tuesday’s code is DAVINA

  • felixthecat

    As good as it sounds and the of luck to anyone who tries BUT I am dubious/curious about them choosing a member of the public so quickly as you need a crb check to appear on the show, doesnt that take time? myself and a fellow loquat had an audition, it was , lets say…. very ‘set up’ and although we had to do a hard phone test 1st before being offered audition they at last minute asked singles chosen to bring unauditioned friends a long, so 12 ended up 30 in a tiny room, I have met the runners and crew who choose contestants before and they are only interested in certain people, character grandads etc and at our audition they only had eyes for 3 people everyone else was practically ignored we had a question and answer round and although many answered first (had to shout out name etc) they only listened to 3 over and over and they had all done recent shows within their group of companies, farcical was the word many came up with… def not sour grapes but have never ever been to such a shoddily run audition where the girls auditioning were all over the good looking lads !! will be watching with interest to see who gets on from our audition, one rule was you musnt have been on tv recently, yet all 3 had , 1 was keeping quiet and fibbing about it so wonder if he made it?

  • UKGal

    Tempted to enter – my horoscope mentioned a life changing thing happening to me this week, however I’m thinking that it may not be something positive.