Bitsa Wispa Ultimate Fan Winner Announced

Posted on: February 4th, 2012 by Jason 1 Comment

For all the bad things that arise through Facebook competitions there’s also a number of good things. For example brands are starting to realise that if they announce their winners (having done the competition properly and that the winner hasn’t cheated) that it can result in extra publicity and appreciation… well, appreciation from most people. Here’s an example!

Last week Cadbury Wispa went in search of their Ultimate Fan.


This was an unusual competition in so much that it only ran for 24 hours and it required entrants to complete a tiebreaker type question. There could only be one winner and they were to receive a mystery Cadbury Wispa prize. We don’t know if entries were judged or pulled from the hat though!

The mystery prize turned out to be the first bags of Cadbury’s new Bitsa Wispa and in a rapid turnaround, Cadbury managed to put together a video showing the delivery of their Bitsa Wispas to the lucky winner – referred to only as Kate. She was “surprised” at her flat by the Cadbury team who delivered a bundle of chocolate and made her the first person in the world (other than all the people who work at Cadbury) to see the Bitsa Wispa product.

Sadly we can’t embed the video, but you can view it on Facebook. It’s a very polished piece of film. In fact too polished according to some Facebook commentators who have said it looks “staged”, that it’s “a fix” and that the winner is an “actress”.

The thing to remember is that there probably would be some staging elements within this film. We’re not suggesting the winner isn’t real, but to put together a good video clip, Cadbury would have had to ask permission from the winner first that it’s ok to film – and then done a shot or two differently depending on reaction and lighting.

A bit like those TV shows that send a presenter off “to surprise Agnes from Cheltenham” but when the door opens there’s a camera crew already inside the house… that kind of thing.

Anyway, we digress. If you fancy getting your hands on some Bitsa Wispa then buy a full size Wispa bar and cut it into smaller pieces and put it in a bag. Or you can pop along to the Cadbury Wispa Facebook page from Monday 6th February where they’ll be giving away chocolate.

Cadbury Wispa – Bitsa Wispa Competition

  • RonManager

    Booo… I’m not so concerned about it being “staged”, “a fix” etc… I’m more concerned that I’m not allowed to enter because I have a job (and they give a very lame excuse for only running this comp from 10am to 4pm too).