Can You Win The Top 10 Christmas Toys?

Posted on: November 26th, 2009 by Jason 1 Comment

Every year the Toy Retailer’s Association announce what they think will be the top Christmas toys. These usually disappear off the shelves pretty quickly and according to reports some popular toys like Go Go Hamsters are selling out (The Telegraph). The good news is that Argos are getting stock in, but yesterday a competition was submitted to us offering a Go Go Hamster as a prize, which got us thinking…

Can You Win The Top 10 Christmas Toys?

The answer is not quite but you can have a good attempt at them. Now, this isn’t guaranteed to get you the items you’re after and please don’t rely on winning something if Little Johnny or Little Joanne desperately wants something. Imagine the look on their faces on 25th December when you say “Sorry you’ve not got a Bakugan set because Santa didn’t pick my name out the hat”.

So on to the toys! First up is that Go Go Hamster and thanks to new site Prize Arcade you can win one. You’re going to need to be quick though as this closes on the 30th November and you need to play a fair few games to win it.

If you’re after Bakugan then there are more opportunities including a competition from ToysRUs where you can win all “48 Bakugan Brawlers from series 1 including Dragonoid, Storm Skyress and Blade Tigrerra”. Why do toys sound so complicated these days?

Ben 10 Alien Force is in the Top 10 Toys and thanks to The Book People you have the chance to win a Ben 10 Alien Laboratory. This is closing on the 4th December so get a move on!

Sadly we hit a brick wall when it comes to Bendaroos and Waybuloos. We have no idea what they are either and all competitions offering them as prizes have since passed. There’s better news on the GX Racers front though as Toys Games Gifts have a massive bundle on offer in their competition. The closing date is 14th December.

Lego Minotaurus catches us out again, but there are plenty of chances to win Lego as the Lego Rock Band game is out now. You can also win trips to Legoland, although that perhaps won’t be as much compensation as the Minotaurus – you can always blame Santa for the mix up?

It’s also a no show for Monopoly City, the great new version of the popular board game, but House to Home are giving away 10 £100 bundles of Hasbro games and that includes Monopoly. It closes on the 30th November, so if you do win that one fingers crossed it’s the new version rather than the original.

Suprisingly Sylvanian Families were also a let down leaving our attempts to try and win the top 10 Christmas Toys in tatters. Perhaps with a number of kids/teen related sites sadly closing down this year (for example Sky Kids) the opportunity to win such goodies has dropped?

However, all is not lost!

If you’re really quick the nice folks at News of the World have “teamed up with Smyths to give away 269 must-have toys”. There’s £8000 of prizes on offer including Sylvanian Families Caravan and Cars, Princess Peppa’s Palaces, GX Racers Tightrope Terror and Stunt Cars, 50 Bakugan Battle Packs and 50 Liv Dolls.

Be quick as this ends on the 28th November.

Plus there are plenty of Toys & Games competitions for everyone to enter and of course a few Children’s Competitons (open to U16s).

  • yd1556

    Thanks for the heads-up on these – I’d need to win the lottery to provide all the things my grandsons “would really love” to receive from Santa!