Offers Instant Win Free Money

Posted on: December 15th, 2009 by Jason 2 Comments

A big thanks to ClaireBear78 who sent in a link to Cluuk, a new website that we expect will be the subject of a lot of interest and debate in the coming weeks. Cluuk launched this week and it features a simple instant win competition.


Click the link and you’re told if you’ve won a cash prize of £2, £5, £10, £20, £50 and £100 or (as is more likely) nothing. It sounds too good to be true, especially as there’s no adverts to click or details to send in before you can play.

The site isn’t particularly inviting and other than a big “click to win” button there’s just a few affiliates and information pages. The story goes that a chicken has inherited a lot of money and it’s advisers have come up with this plan to give away the money. The poor chicken’s wealth is to be distributed amongst the nation!

The big question is is it too good to be true?

Well, the site was featured on Ian Collins’ show on Talksport and apparently they’ll be some kind of event on Oxford Street tomorrow (Wednesday) according to the Cluuk Twitter.

It seems a lot of effort to go to, so maybe all is above board. We decided to see what we could find out about Cluuk and the answer is not a lot. Tthe limited company incorporation documents are available at Companies House and that tell us that the company is owned by two people, Hamzad Jawad Ali and E-Invesco, a development and investment company who are registered at the address on the Cluuk website.

And that’s about it other than discussion going on online at various forums including Cluuk – Free money (not spam) on Digitalspy and Instant Cash Wins on Moneysavingexpert which also has a poster warning of a virus message.

Naturally we’re quite intrigued by! Is it genuine? Are they really giving away free money? Will the adage if it’s too good to be true be applicable? Our advice is approach with caution and let’s see what happens.

If you do give Cluuk a try dont’t forget to let us know your experiences!

  • ClaireBear78

    I went on there last night for the first time and after 20 mins of clicking I won £2.00, so Im quite pleased although it takes 60 days approx before they add it to your Paypal. I heard about it on TalkSport while I was half asleep and they gave the story about the inheritance which surely cant be true, anyway Im looking forward to hearing when they are giving away the Grand through Tweet and if I hear in time I willl give it a go to click fo the Grand. Would be good to win that!!

  • bill.gould

    Many thanks ClaireBear78 and Loquax as I won £50 this morning!!!