Coming Soon! Win A Kitchen With Appliances Online

Posted on: September 12th, 2012 by Jason 4 Comments

Over the last few months, Appliances Online have been giving away a steady stream of kitchen appliances via their Facebook page. The competitions have always been fun but what sets them out from the crowd is the live video streaming to announce the winners. Yossi and his team go online and chat to the winners live!

If you’ve never seen one of the live announcements then check out the one above. The reactions of the winners are quite interesting!!

Anyway, this week you might want to make sure you visit Appliances Online after 4pm on Friday as they’ll be picking the winners for their current giveaway (to win an oven, hob and meal at the Michelin star restaurant, The Cube) and announcing the details of their brand new competition. And we can exclusively reveal to you that it’s going to be a big one!

They’re teaming up with Kitchens at Home (who by the way have a little giveaway of their own at the moment) to offer you the chance to win a £5000 kitchen plus the appliances to go in it. If you fancy a brand new kitchen then stay tuned! As we understand it the competition will be a game although at time of writing the i’s are still being dotted and t’s being crossed!

If we get any more insider info then we’ll let you know asap, but in the mean time head over to Appliances Online and like them, enter their current competition and make sure you keep an eye out for that big giveaway.

  • Angie-k

    Appliances online are a great company. I found out about them through their regular contests. Since then me and my family have bought a few appliances from them. They are very fast and give great customer service. I would recommend them to anyone.

    Their Friday broadcasts are always fun. What a great team of people. Good luck everyone for Friday!

  • Polarbear

    I’ve entered a few of their competitions and while perhaps unique in phoning winners live and telling them on the live stream, i also found it a bit unfair on some of the previous winners.

    On one particular occasion when i actually remembered to “tune in” they phoned some winners up to let them know the good news they were winners but because the “winner” didnt answer the phone -ie maybe still at work or on their way home, maybe caught in traffic or a home emergency or any of a multitude of legitimate reasons, they then redrew and picked another winner. I thought this was unfair on the original winner who for whatever reason couldnt/didnt answer their phone, they won fair and square and there was nothing in the t&c’s to say you had to be hanging with baited breath by your telephone just incase they rang you. Not fair at all- IMHO.

    Another non-winner winner’s phone was answered by an answering machine where they could have left a message, but again they redrew the winner, and the same applies that not everyone can be there to answer their telephone just incase appliances on line deem to ring YOU!

    A further non-winner was the guy (or rather his wife)who answered their call, clearly still very tired (night shift or afternoon shuift worker?) who didnt even know his wife/partner had entered the competition and didnt have a clue what they were rabbitting on about to him, all he could tell them was that “julie” (not her real name because i can’t remember it) wasnt at home and could they call back later, he was also lead a bit up the garden path when ‘yossi’ (the appliance on line team member who rings people) asked for her by name and the guy got the impression his mrs was meeting up withsomeone behind his back!! – the team loved that and left the bloke guessing by then claiming they had rung the wrong number!- god only knows what went on when “julie” got back home to a by now suspicious partner/husband!- not funny to the couple with the wife pleading innocence (as she indeed is) after such a phone call received by a doubtful hubby/partner.

    How many fellow loquats stay at home all day waiting for winning telephone calls? most have to work, some have to travel a fair distance to work too and most just cannot be at home each and every day at the same time, as they have usually drawn the winners at 5pm -ish most working people are probably on there way home and not yet got there- clearly the appliances on line team are still at work so if they were allowed to enter (which they are not of course) then they wouldnt be at home to answer their phone either- not everyone wishes to divulge a mobile phone number and therefore use their main landline phone to enter the competitions. I know i tend to use our land line number to enter comps rather than my mobile which i prefer to keep personal, and only very very rarely do i use my mobile number for comping- i get enough email spam without getting text spam too!!

    So unless you have a permanent 100% mobile signal, or will definately be at home when the winner is drawn and sat by your land line number at whatever time they decide to pick the winner, prepare yourself to be another winner or non winner ‘winner’, enter by all means, i probably will, but be sure your prepared just in case.

  • suroben

    I agree that the live draw is a definite problem for many people. I enter with fingers crossed but more than once have received a call at about 4pm that is totally unrelated but has to be dealt with.
    On the plus side I am very grateful for their rapid delivery service. Last time my washing maching broke a repairman left my house at about 5pm having proclaimed it dead and by 7pm a new one was ordered at a very good price for next day delivery and, of course, arrived on time as usual.

  • libra100

    I always enter this company’s competitions, they have great prizes, and if you’re in when they call, it’s a great way of learning that you have won a fantastic prize.

    Their comps are a little restrictive though as you do need to be in when the prizes are awarded. It reminds me a little of GMTV competitions, when Keith Chegwin came knocking on the winner’s doorstep early in the morning.

    Yossi, from Appliances Online, is so cool – an internet superstar!