Do You Have Cats With Thumbs? Win £1000!

Posted on: March 1st, 2011 by Jason 1 Comment

No low entry competitions on Loquax? Right! Well, here’s another one and it’s going to be low entry because you’re going to need a cat with thumbs to enter it. Cravendale have launched a new advert showing a cat with thumbs and they’ve now teamed up with The Mirror to search for more moggy thumb antics.

If you’ve got a tricky cat with thumbs then send in a video or photo to The Mirror’s Cats with Thumbs competition. You have until the 27th March to take part and there’s a £1000 cash prize plus a year of Cravendale milk up for grabs.

There is a voting element to the competition. Bertrum, the Cravendale cat, will select the top 4 Cats with Thumbs submissions each week, for 3 weeks. The public will then select their favourite. All 12 selected cats (if there is that many?) will then go into the Grand Final.

If you have a clever cat then get their photo or video up on The Mirror website now. Unfortunately the Loquax cats don’t have opposable thumbs but do have the ability to make a mess, get muddy footprints everywhere and wake us up far too early every morning.

Cats with Thumbs Competition

  • daisyduck

    Thats a fun advert.

    Sadly no longer, but yes I did have a cat with several “thumbs” He had seven toes on 3 of his feet and eight on the other.. I believe they call it “polydactic”
    He was also pure white with one blue eye and one green eye and totally deaf… I found him after he’d been hit by a car, took him to the vets and as no-one claimed him, I adopted him.. I named him Lucky 🙂