Does Juan Sheet Want To Give Away Plenty of Prizes?

Posted on: October 19th, 2010 by Jason 11 Comments

Juan Sheet is the strangely named character that promotes Plenty Kitchen Rolls and they’re currently running a competition. It’s a purchase necessary enter the code competition and there are 10 x £100000 and 50 x £10000 cash prizes on offer, as well as a host of smaller prizes. Now, we don’t tend to enter that many competitions, but after a trip to Tesco we’d picked up a couple of promotional packs.

The pack says that the promotional code is “printed on the inside of the packaging, underneath the ‘P’ of the Plenty logo on the front”. The reality is that it isn’t! After a lot of cursing and feeling slightly disappointed with Mr Juan Sheet and his lack of codes we decided that an email to would be in order.

And it’s there that we discovered that in fact the code is not under the P, it’s on the P! Plenty even have a nice image on their site demonstrating the location. And here’s our code!

Juan Sheet

It’s in a black dot matrix style font on the blue background and it’s not the easiest to read. The photo above was taken with a macro lens to try and give you an accurate view of the code as we saw it. If you concentrate long enough you’ll make out a few letters!

We think that anyone looking for the code without visiting will probably end up just chucking out their wrappers because they’ll think that there’s no code (“perhaps it hasn’t won”).

If they’re lucky enough to realise the code is actually on the stem of the “P” then they may also give up trying to enter simply because getting the code is a bit of trial. Opticians could well be using Juan Sheet Plenty competition codes in their future eye tests!

Less entries and less prizes perhaps for Juan Sheet to giveaway!

Anyway, hopefully this blog post will forewarn a few people before buying Plenty. There are codes on the packs, they’re not exactly where they are according to the on pack text, and you’re going to need to concentrate a bit to write down the code.

Enter the Juan Sheet Plenty Kitchen Rolls Giveaway

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  • TEJ1968

    so glad i have seen this. hubby had opened the packet that i purchased especially for the competition and binned the wrapper – which i have just retrieved from the bin. I’m still trying to decipher the code. what a nightmare.

  • Mac1

    How very spooky!!!!!!!! I was in Morrisons today and they were on offer (better than half price) so I picked a couple of packs up. I had decided that they had not put a code on my pack at all (not looked at 2nd pack yet) and was going to send pack of in an envelope as you can enter by post if you don’t have internet access, according to T&Cs. I thought if I entered by post they would see I had no code! The empty pack has been on my settee all afternoon as I keep having a look for it. I still can’t see it (eyesight not that bad as I have managed to read T&Cs) Hubby is looking now but can’t see it either!! I am stumped. May have to buy a magnifiying glass!

  • Mac1

    Hubby has found it by holding it right up close to the light – still not sure what the 1st letter is but at least he has found it.

  • Mac1

    Have finally got the code by putting the wrapper over a torch and using a magnifying glass. Don’t have to do that with many comps!

  • aliali

    I don’t stand a chance of seeing it with my bad eyesight :((

  • Neil2

    I think Juan’s taking the ‘P’

  • chalkee44

    Entered my code only for the section to go blank, i tried refreshing the page and entering it again but it said the code had been used.So I phoned and a woman(sounding spanish) told me that she would pass my details on to the people who could deal with it and they would be in touch.They never did until I emailed them a couple of days ago, they asked for my,address,code so they could verify the code used.
    They got back to me today and told me my code wasnt a ‘winning code’..They were probably telling the truth but I will never know if it was the truth or not,I can only take their word now……

  • hary

    just bought 1 pack of it yesterday. Can’t make out what first letter/number is so gonna have to guess. If all else fail, I may have to get a magnifying glass.

  • libra100

    Thanks for the information.

    Haven’t bought any packs yet but had problems reading codes when Plenty ran their last promotion. They were impossible to read and when I emailed, was sent new codes to use.

    When promotors run code-based competitions they should at least ensure that codes are easy to read. Have had problems reading Walkers codes on multipacks previously and most of us remember trying to read obscure Magnum codes.

    Why do they make it so difficult?

  • spizmo

    I found the code no probs and managed to win a tenner which arrived by cheque last week and included a refund on my postage stamp…aint gonna complain there!!

  • Gastronomix

    Really poor, difficult to discover and even harder to decipher. Not endearing me to their product at all.