Easter Competitions to Win Chocolate and A Golden Easter Bunny

Posted on: March 31st, 2010 by Jason 2 Comments

Blimey! Where did Easter come from? It seems hardly five minutes ago that it was Christmas. Firstly our apologies, we usually do an Easter competition but haven’t got round to organising that this year. Hopefully, we’ll be getting back into the swing of running a few prize draws for users later in the year as we have some plans for some special Loquax related prizes. Anyway, back to Easter and that means we can introduce our new seasonal logo.

Loquax Easter

Now, some of you have suggested more ducky has got the pox. He hasn’t. He’s an egg! He’s a duck egg! Anyway, we have a few more seasonal logos lined up that we hope make you smile. Fortunately for ducky the next changes aren’t as spotty.

To celebrate the logo we’ve also been taking a look at Easter competitions. Disappointingly there doesn’t seem to be that many Easter Egg Hunts around. Perhaps sites, for example Firebox and Iwantoneofthose.com who have done egg hunts in the past, have got fed up creating these competitions only for the answers to be posted? If you do like a treasure hunt though then head to Web User, Argent London and Emma Bridgewater.

Competitions to win chocolate are always popular and there are plenty of comps offering some tasty prizes. At time of writing there are four Lindt related competitions including an annoying hunt the bunny game at Lindt Gold Bunny. There are 875 prizes on offer though so hop on over to enter that one before the end of Easter.

If you’re not keen on Lindt chocolate then there’s always the Lindt Bunny Plush. It’s a golden bunny that’s one metre in height and looks fairly hefty too. This competition ends on 30th April.

If you are after some chocolate then Red Letter Days have a chocolate hamper worth £99 on offer (ends 11th April). Be quicker to try and win a year of Thorntons at their Boogie Bunnies site as that competition ends 4th April. However you have until the end of April to try and win a year of chocolate from Divine!

Finally, as it’s Easter and that means the sun is shining there’s snow on the ground we’ve found a couple of competitions that could take you to St Lucia. It has nothing to do with Easter, but let’s face it – it should be a lot warmer!

Have a Happy Easter from all of us at Loquax!

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  • pussycats3

    I must say I will be glad when spotty duck leaves us and we’re back to cutie duck. But I’m looking forward to seeing more new duckies too

  • Patterry

    Well thanks Jason, I had an email yesterday to say I’d won 2 Easter eggs from Spar. Well, we don’t get any others, so that’s something to look forward to