Euro 2012 Goals Mean Prizes With Domigoals From Dominos

Posted on: June 8th, 2012 by Jason 1 Comment

Now that the Jubilee bunting and flags has come down blown down, promotional eyes turn to Poland and Ukraine for the kick off of the Euro 2012 Championship. There are plenty of prizes on offer – although be quick to jump on board with the Fantasy Football and Prediction games – some will let you in after kick off, a few don’t!


One promotion has caught our eye – and that’s Domigoals from Domino’s Pizza. This is your chance to win pizza vouchers every time there’s a goal scored in the Euro 2012 Championships. You can play along either through an iPhone App or over on their Facebook Page.

Every time a goal is scored at Euro 2012 you just need to login to the app, and register your entry. You’ll need to be quick though as the prizes go to the first 1000 entries only. The prizes are pizza vouchers (and we guess they’ll be based on a spend – e.g. £5 off orders over…). There’s £5 for one goal by one player, £10 for two goals by one player and £20 for a hat-trick. You can enter on every goal – and we guess there’s no limit to the number of wins you can have.

You do need to register with Domino’s to take part and you do need to give them your mobile number – so expect a few pizza offers from them along the way.

Whilst the prizes on offer aren’t the greatest (as said we expect them to be based on spend) the idea of combining a TV event with a prize draw playable via an app is quite interesting. We wonder whether other brands will look at doing something similar – perhaps for a launch of a new advertising campaign, links to TV programme sponsorship or adding an extra dimension to TV quiz shows?

Domigoals from Domino’s Pizza

  • libra100

    Thanks for information. Had had a look at this competition but wasn’t sure what was involved.

    It sounds like the prizes aren’t the greatest, and not being interested in football, will leave this one to the fans.